Best Boy Wash Luminaire

The PRG Best Boy® Wash automated luminaire is precision-engineered for unprecedented fast and meticulous movements. This dynamic wash light features a 1,500-watt arc source that generates an unmatched in its class 60,000+ lumen output. With a quick 6:1 zoom optics system that maintains intense output throughout, which works hand-in-hand with a beam size iris, the Best Boy Wash offers unrivaled beam versatility in a single automated fixture. A glass precision gray-scale dimmer allows for smooth dimming and a separate strobe mechanism allows for added effects.

Among the class redefining features in the Best Boy Wash is also the inclusion of a rotating, indexable gobo wheel to add beam effects. Another innovative feature, the PRG Best Boy Wash is optimized for television and film applications by including a dedicated minus green filter and a unique color temperature wheel that allows designers to vary color temperatures down to 3,200K and up to a very cool 8,000K.


  • High Output 60,000+ lumens 
  • Zoom range of 6:1 from a narrow spread of 10° to a wide flood of 60° 
  • Beam size iris (works in conjunction with zoom) 
  • Gray-scale glass dimmer for full-field dimming from 0% to 100% 
  • Lightning fast strobe wheel 
  • CMY color system with three crossfading color wheels plus one fixed five-color wheel 
  • Adjustable color temperature wheel with range from 3,200K to 8,000K 
  • Minus green filter on fixed color wheel
  • Indexable rotating gobo wheel with four gobos 

For more information, please contact: Chris Conti, Chief Innovation Officer or Michael Dodge, Product Manager

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