GroundControl Followspot System

The PRG GroundControl™ Followspot System gives a followspot operator the freedom to remotely operate a high output automated luminaire as a followspot from up to 2,000 feet away. Designers now have total creative freedom to put followspots in places that were either previously unusable or involved complex rigging. With the GroundControl (GC) Followspot System, the operator is located away from the luminaire, making the required physical footprint significantly smaller than conventional followspots. Because of this small footprint and low weight, followspots can now be placed in a wide variety of positions. 


  • Balcony rails or on box booms in a theatre
  • Yoked out over a video wall
  • Low trim venues like convention centers & ballrooms
  • Ground supported on a lift or a truss tower
  • On a theatre pipe batten
  • On the deck to follow overhead flying
  • In audience; minimal footprint increases available seating over conventional followspots

These options are all easily achievable with GroundControl, saving the cost of extra safety equipment, personnel access gear, and rigging typically associated with truss or floor mounted followspots. The GroundControl Followspot System consists of three parts: a GC Spot Luminaire, a GC Truss Box (Not used with GCeX), and a GC Followspot Controller.

The GC Spot Luminaire Family includes the GC Best Boy, GC Bad Boy, GC Longthrow, as well as the new SuperRay. The fixtures have a High Definition camera mounted on the fixture that outputs HD-SDI at 1080p enabling the spot operator on the ground to see the stage as if he or she was sitting right next to the fixture. The onboard camera has an optical zoom, targeting reticle, and a night vision mode that enables operators to pick up a performer on a virtually black stage. All GroundControl Spot Luminaires have cross fading CMY color mixing along with  color correction options giving designers the ultimate in flexibility to dial in and tune the GC Luminaire to their exact needs. Details about specific luminaire features can be found on the individual GroundControl Luminaire datasheets. 


GroundControl Family of Products  —  At-A-Glance


  GroundControl (GCFS) Controller 
Fiber-Optic System. Robust touring-grade system. Distance to fixture ≤2000' (610m). Compatible with 4Way switch and GC Multi. Ideal for Concert Touring, Special Events, TV/Film. 

  GCeX Controller 
Cooper-based System. Robust entry-level system. Distance to fixture ≤300' (92m). Ideal for Educational Factilties, Houses of Worship, Regional Theatre, Theatrical Touring, Corporate/Ballroom.



  GroundControl Best Boy Spot HP
Medium Throw - 30 to 150 feet.  Full-feature, luminaire with framing. Ideal for Theatre, Television, Corporate/Ballroom, Cruise Ships, Small Clubs. 

GroundControl Bad Boy Spot HP
Medium Throw - 50 to 175 feet.  Full-feature, high-power luminaire. Ideal for Special Events, Concert Touring, Film, Amphitheater, PAC, Arena FOH spot.

  GroundControl LongThrow (LT)
Long Throw - 150+ feet. Full-feature,  high-intensity followspot luminaire with framing. Ideal for Award shows, Stadiums, Key FOH spot and much more! 



  GroundControl 4-way Switch Box
Switch between 4 fixtures with one controller. Ideal for A/B stage, break out rooms, backup fixtures, and many other configurations. Check out the video above for a detailed breakdown! 

  GC Multi
Control multiple PRG luminaires from a single controller. Simple to setup, on-board configuration process, and streamlined luminaire control. To access Multi fixture software or for detailed information, contact a below product manager. 


For more information and pricing, please contact:

Chris Conti, Chief Innovation Officer 
Michael Dodge, Product Manager
Robert Kliegl, GC Sales Manager


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