Ethernet Switches

PRG’s Series 400 Ethernet switches are 10/100MB speed switches available in 7-Port and 10-Port versions, designed for critical entertainment applications. They exceed the limitations of traditional Ethernet hubs and offer superior switch technology by virtue of simple, easy-to-use operation that does not use complex configuration software.

The 7-Port Ethernet Switch includes seven isolated copper Ethernet ports for input of 10Base-T or 100Base-TX standard signals. It also includes the Neutrik® etherCON® metal latching connectors.

The 10-Port Ethernet Switch includes the seven isolated copper Ethernet ports and adds three fiber optic Ethernet ports for transmission of 100Base-FX standard signal. Two ports accept a PRG Lemo Fiber Optic Cable input connector and one port accepts a PRG Lemo Fiber Optic Cable output connector. 

PRG also offers the Pathway VIA12 switch for any systems requiring gigabit network speeds. The Pathway VIA12 is a powerful and simple to use managed gigabit ethernet switch. Model #6742 is designed with the strict PRG entertainment-grade standards and is recommended for use with all PRG systems. The VIA12 effortlessly handles all standard entertainment protocols such as sACN, Art-Net, and Dante. Ten etherCON® ports line the front, two etherCON® ports in the rear, and two Neutrik® opticalCON® DUO ports. 

PRG’s Ethernet Switches provide powerful and convenient interfaces between any type of networked device, and their associated control equipment.

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