Outdoor LED Systems

PRG has a large choice of modular LED walls that can be used for outdoor events, be it festivals, concerts, sport- or public events. Contact us for more information on our range of products.

  • ROE MC-7T Blackface
  • Lighthouse R7
  • Pixled F-12
  • ROE MC-18T
  • ROE Radiant MC-12H

ROE MC-7T Blackface

7.5mm modular LED screen - Indoor/Outdoor Use
Viewing angle: 160˚ H x 160˚ V
Measurements: 600 x 600 87 mm
Weight: 7.8 kg/tile
Link to information sheet

Lighthouse R7

7.94 / 15.875 mm (virtual/real) modular LED screen – outdoor use
Viewing angle: 140˚ H x 60˚ V
Measurements: 1016 x 762 x 164 mm
Weight: 50 kg/tile/p>

Link to information sheet

Pixled F-12

12.5mm modular LED screen - Indoor/outdoor use
Viewing angle: 120˚ H x 120˚ V
Measurements: 600 x 600 x 87 mm
Weight: 10.4 kg/tile
Link to information sheet


18mm semi-transparent LED, indoor/outdoor use
Viewing angle: 160˚ H x 160˚ V
Measurements: 600 x 600 x 87 mm
Weight: 6 kg/tile
Link to information sheet

ROE Radiant MC-12H

12.5mm in/outdoor 6,000 Nit
Beam angle: 140°/140° (H/V)
Measurements: 60 x 60 x 8.2 cm
Weight: 7.41 kg
Link to product page

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PRG-CH-Staff-Martin-Fischer_New_560x315 Martin Fischer

Expert in the division of LED-Systems

Phone: +41 43 233 40 10
EMail: mfischer@prg.com

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