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29/09/2014 Used Equipment

Everything needs to go! Used equipment warehouse sale! Actual list available for download now (upper right corner)!

PRG will be holding a sale of used equipment at the Cologne (Germany) office on Thursday 30th, 10am-9pm and Friday 31st October, 10am-5pm.

No reasonable offer refused. Come and join us.

Register here for used-equipment newsletter or to request equipment list

PRG Cologne 
Köhlstr. 10
D-50827 Cologne

Phone: +49 221-539 94-0
Fax: +49 221-539 94-530

  • Lighting Consoles (GrandMA, Compulite, Wholehog and more)
  • Automated Lights (Vari-Lite, Martin, Clay Paky, GLP and more)
  • Dimmers (ADB, ETC and more)
  • Power Distribution
  • PARS - Chrome and Black
  • Follow spots (Robert Juliat, Lycian and more)
  • Tungsten Fixtures - Fresnels, Profiles, Floods
  • Strobes
  • Search lights (Syncrolite)
  • Stands (Manfrotto, VMB and more)
  • Smoke machines (Look Solutions and more)
  • Scrollers  (Rainbow, ChromaQ, Wybron and more)
  • Truss (Eurotruss, Prolyte and more)
  • LED panels and strips (GLec, Martin, Barco and more)
  • Projectors (Barco, Panasonic and more) 
  • LCD/Plasma screens (Panasonic, Sharp, NEC, Sony and more)
  • Video switcher systems (Barco, Panasonic and more)
  • Lautsprecher (JBL, Martin Audio, Meyer etc.)
  • Video switchers, converters, splitters, matrix and more
  • Speakers (JBL, Martin Audio, Meyer and more)
  • Audio mixing desks (Soundcraft, Pioneer, Yamaha, Midas, Digico and more)
  • Audio outboard (Apex, Drawmer, Lexicon, XTA, Yamaha, TC and more)
  • Amps (Dynacord, Yamaha, Ecler and more)
  • Audio players (Yamaha, Pioneer, Technics, Tascam and more)
  • Flightcases and more

Cash and credit cards accepted.

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04/09/2014 Projects

Gamescom 2014 - eSports

And suddenly, Gamescom 2014 was over again. Despite the rainy weather, the mecca for all fans of gaming and eSports in Cologne was a resounding success yet again. Two weeks after the end of the world's biggest gaming convention, it’s time to take a look back at the four days in August and see what remains. New games, new hardware, crowded exhibition halls and happy faces everywhere – once again, there was something for everyone.

eSports on the up and up

eSports already attracted countless fans to the Games Convention in Leipzig, but Cologne added the crowning touch. It was almost impossible to get a seat in in the League of Legends stadium in Hall 8, so great was the interest in watching the top MOBA eSports players.  There were big and small eSports tournaments for Counter Strike, StarCraft II, Final Fantasy PVP…and League of Legends of course.

All the enthusiasm aside, it shouldn’t be forgotten that eSports is no longer a marginal phenomenon. Not only does it have millions of fans, the sponsorship and prize monies make eSport a real force in the games industry. Professionals actually make a living from playing Counter Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, etc. – they train every day and have their own fans. All this shows that eSports has arrived in the mainstream, at least in the entertainment sector. eSports fills halls around the world and is no longer to be found on the fringes. This, too, was clearly evident at Gamescom.

Innovations in Cologne

Of course, the e3 tradeshow in Los Angeles is more suitable for presenting innovations. In Cologne, consumers can get their hands on things for the first time –after hours of waiting in some cases. Nevertheless, Cologne did serve up a few innovations that astounded visitors: Besides a new Silent Hill game, which Hideo Kojima introduced, there was a lot of new hardware in particular on show. Last year, the hot new products were the two-next generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; this year, it was virtual reality headsets. In addition to Sony's Project Morpheus, players could try out the Rift headset from Oculus. A look into this virtual reality shows that its time has finally come. After decades of hit-and-miss trials, virtual reality now works.

Booths and Stars

With over 700 exhibitors this year it was obviously important for every firm to stand out from the crowd, so their booths were the real stars of Gamescom. Light installations, LED walls and color effects shone the right light on games and events.

This, among other areas, is where PRG entered the picture to ensure that our customers stood out from the crowd. Playing on emotions without stealing the show from the eSports stars and games was a top priority in preparing and creating the concepts. From lighting and overall concept to on-site rigging, PRG set the stage for Gamescom’s major players to celebrate their success on. Here are a few pictures:


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05/08/2014 Creative

Mercedes Benz – invisible drive

Together with Markenfilm Crossing​, some time ago we tackled the task of making the visible invisible. The idea was to illustrate the lack of emissions produced by the Mercedes B Class F-CELL in a promotional film.

In this connection, Jung von Matt/Alster developed the “Invisible Drive” project, which essentially centered on making the B Class F-CELL invisible.

After intensive research and several test installations we had found the right LED product. We used flexible magnetic LED tiles with a resolution of 10mm (SMD). The flexibility allowed us to follow the contours of the vehicle. Still, a lot of sensitivity and patience was required to for the installation. Powerful USV systems in the interior of the car supplied the power. The B Class F-CELL was loaded with half a ton of hi-tech and several hundred yards of cable were laid in the car.

Along with the film crew, we set off to make the Mercedes “invisible” against the backdrop of Hamburg and the surrounding countryside.


Using LEDs to achieve creative effects, why not make walls disappear at the next event in a special location, or the new product at a product launch?


Customer: Markenfilm Crossing/Daimler AG

Title: The Invisible Drive

Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster

Account manager: Christian Unger

Project manager: Philip Hagen

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31/07/2014 Company

Stephan Paridaen to become President and Chief Operating Officer

Production Resource Group LLC, the world’s leading provider of entertainment and event technology solutions, announced today that Jeremiah J Harris, Chairman and CEO, has promoted Stephan Paridaen to the role of President and Chief Operating Officer.  Paridaen has served as PRG’s Chief Executive Officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa since 2009.  

In his new role, Paridaen will apply his management expertise and services to supervising the global operations of the company, the delivery of new technologies and services offerings, and the further development of PRG’s efforts in the corporate and global special events markets.

“Along with attracting world-class talent to the company, one of my top priorities is recognizing and developing PRG’s existing leadership team,” said Mr. Harris. “Stephan has demonstrated exceptional operational leadership in Europe.  He has earned the respect of the entire PRG team, our customers and our partners.  This new role will expand his operational leadership globally and position him to play a critical role in leading PRG into the future.“

“PRG has a unique position in the market and is well-positioned for continued growth,” said Paridaen. “I'm excited about the opportunities ahead of us and look forward to developing and bringing the most innovative technology and solutions to the entertainment and event markets.”

Previously, Paridaen served as Division President of Media & Entertainment at Barco, an international leading professional display solutions provider.  While there, he led the Digital Cinema markets and created the LED display division, pioneering the convergence of video and lighting in the entertainment industry.

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30/07/2014 Technology

ROE Radiant MC 18 Hybrid LED system now available at PRG

The Production Resource Group (PRG) continues to invest in new LED systems and has added the innovative ROE Radiant MC-18 Hybrid LED system to its inventory. The MC-18 Hybrid is not only an 18mm pixel pitch LED display, but also has built-in LED spotlights spaced 15cm apart, and can be controlled via DMX or Artnet. 

The Hybrid 18 uses the same frame structure as MC-7 system with 7mm pixel pitch display (already in PRG’s inventory), making it very easy to combine and interchange. Both products are available with the Radiant Touring Frame and optionally with the Light Frame. The latter allows for freely adjustable convex or concave installation of the modules. 

Udo Willburger (Director Sales & Account Management) "By investing in the ROE Radiant MC-18 hybrid we can offer our customers an innovative new product that is compelling for its combination of light and video and for its flexibility. There has already been a lot of interest in it from our customers.”

ROE Radiant MC-18 Hybrid product data sheet

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04/07/2014 Projects

Why Linkin Park is Touring with PRG Nocturne Video Screens

Linkin Park, The Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake and many more ... all on stage at the legendary "Rock in Rio" festival in Lisbon. This is the tenth consecutive year PRG Germany has supplied the equipment for the festival. As every year, several bands brought some of their tour equipment on stage with them, including the Rolling Stones and Linkin Park.

The reason is simple: For many bands, lighting or video technology is now part of their set – and the set always goes on tour with them. This year, Linkin Park’s set was particularly striking: The extremely transparent and yet high-resolution PRG Nocturne V9 Lite video system allows musicians to be placed behind the screen. If no signal is applied to the wall, it is transparent enough to see the artists clearly. A signal makes the wall almost opaque. A combination of these effects was also widely used. The light weight of the system allows the screens to be moved quickly and makes for noticeable savings on airfreight costs.

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01/07/2014 Products

Spacecannons: A spectacular effect is guaranteed!

The 7,000 W Spacecannon is an outdoor searchlight guaranteed to attract attention. The beam of light from the xenon Spacecannon is extremely concentrated and can therefore be seen over very long distances. Ideal for visibility in moist or slightly dusty air, as this causes the light to refract, making the beam very visible. Movement, changing colors and variable angles allow for various effects. Spacecannons are also recommended for the illumination of tall buildings or illumination over long distances.








PRG has more than 200 7,000 W Spacecannons. The rental price depends on the length of time the illuminant is used. Usually, each unit rents for around 1,000 euros per week, extra weeks cost less.

Sample costing for a Spacecannon show:

24 Spacecannons for one show day including pre-programming in our pre-production studio, staff, and transport in Germany – overall net price around 25,000 euros.

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24/06/2014 Projects

Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Again this year our television team oversaw the Eurovision Song Contest, this year in Copenhagen. Here are some impressions:







Please read the extensive recount report of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Copenhagen in Lighting & Sound International of June 2014 (pdf-file)

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