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At this year's Analytica trade show in Munich, which took place from 10th to13th of May, PRG provided the Thermo Fisher Scientific booth with innovative video and sound solutions. edgefactory, an Emmy® award-winning full service company, was responsible for the creative video content.

As part of the booth, 18 LCD screens, two of which were 70" screens and required a special drop-arm construction, a three-sided LED tower and two LED walls were integrated into the design.

The three-sided, seamlessly over the corners designed LED tower was with its height of 6 meters a highlight on the booth. It was also designed to accommodate technical equipment. Another customised two-sided LED wall with a height of 3 meters found its place on the booth.

The corner modules for the tower and the wall were custom-made designs, sourced by PRG’s engineering unit in China. The PRG office in Shenzhen is responsible for sourcing and quality assurance of products ordered by the entire PRG group in China.

Supplying the video surfaces with content was done by a centrally coordinated 19-channel Watch Out system. The challenge was to change between independent loops as well as a trailer that was played simultaneously on all screens. PRG also provided the sound for the booth as well as the technical support during the press conference. PRG was involved at an early stage of the process, ensuring that the technical requirements were given and the best possible result could be achieved.

"The control unit was quite complicated; it required 19 synchronous Watch Out channels. That is unusual for a booth of this size”, said Leif Felix Botte from PRG. The great collaboration between all trades involved on that project resulted in a satisfied client and a successful trade show presentation. A special thanks reached the PRG office from the edgefactory via video.

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