Elbphilharmonie Opening

On the evening of the 11th of January the waiting came to an end. With a spectacular production the opening of the Elbphilharmonie exceeded all expectations, and the opening concert was visualized in real time.

Especially for this occasion an algorithm was developed which translated the concert from up to 64 live audio tracks into visual effects. This matched music and architecture in an impressive display on the exterior walls of the new architectural highlight in the harbor city of Hamburg, Germany.

For this purpose, 27 projectors with a total of more than 800,000 ANSI lumens of light were used, and resulted in a total resolution of 17,400 x 2,160 pixels. More than 800 lighting fixtures were used for the lighting and effects inside the venue.

On behalf of the global lead agency Jung von Matt, as well as gestalt communications, PRG Germany delivered an extensive array of technical equipment.

Jerry Appelt developed the lighting design for the event, using PRG Best Boys, Icon Beams, Clay Paky Mythos and over 500 SGM LED luminaires. The video content was created by the Offenbach design agency Madhat and projected onto the walls with twenty four Panasonic 31K laser projectors, as well as three Barco 40K projectors. The Hamburg planning office Beacon was responsible for the production management. Entertainment Technology Concepts (ETC), Laserfabrik and kölnton were also involved in the implementation of the event.

Technology: Behind the sceens at the Elbphilharmonie Grand Opening (slideshow with pictures)

Show Rehearsal: Pictures from the rehearsal of the Elpbphilharmonie Grand Opening (slideshow)

Elbphilharmonie Grand Opening (slideshow with pictures)

For more information please contact: Morten Carlsson mcarlsson@prg.com

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