Five FiftyFive – The Digital Sports Business Talk

The aim of 5:55 (Five FiftyFive) is to utilize our vast experience in sportsbusiness and -entertainment to share meaningful insights and unique stories with expert speakers, executives of brands, rights-holders & media platforms as well as fans and athletes through a state-of-the-art production on a global digital stage.

SPORTFIVE, a global and marketing-leading sports business agency and PRG are joining forces to initiate the digital go-to-event in the sports and entertainment industry that is being presented on a immersive stage in extended reality of our PRG Virtual Production Studio-xR in Hamburg.

The first episode was hosted by Lisa Ramuschkat – not only a competitive athlete, but also a self-employed sports presenter & podcast-host – who utilized her knowledge and experience to foster thoughtful discussions and help to discover valuable insights for the audience.

Watch the re-live of the very first episode from 5:55 here. 

Five-FiftyFive – The Sports Business Talk


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