PRG Virtual Production – More than just an alternative to the green screen!

PRG Virtual Production offers many more advantages than the classic green screen and is therefore very interesting for the film and TV industry. It replaces classic film sets and can make outdoor filming superfluous. PRG Virtual Production allows the flexible simulation of different film locations at just one push of a button. Using high-resolution modular LED screens, any kind of pre-produced video content can be used directly in the studio, even video content in slow motion.

Here our video that we shot during an PRG Virtual Production Demo-Event in our Cinegate Studio, where the set-up was presented:


PRG Virtual Production saves production time and costs and gives directors, cameramen and actors more creativity and artistic freedom. The displayed content enables actors to act more authentically. Reflections on surfaces or on glass and/or in the faces of the actors do not have to be added afterwards in the post-production.

In the USA, this solution has already been successfully in use for six to seven years and has been used for blockbuster productions such as "Joker" or "Star Wars". Here is an insight into how the subway scenes in "Joker" were realized with the help of the PRG Virtual Production set-up:


All information about PRG Virtual Production in our product sheet for download (pdf)

Should you want to use the PRG Virtual Production for your next production, whether you have questions or would like a cost estimate? Contact our experts at Cinegate and PRG!

Martin Abert
Cinegate Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30 39 041 734

Your PRG contact
Bernhard Kretzschmar

Expert in the division of PRG Virtual Production

Phone: +49 221 87074-15
EMail: Click here

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