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PRG Virtual Production Studio-XR Hamburg

A ‘Studio Gateway’ to the world - How the PRG Virtual Production Studio-xR in Hamburg offers customers new possibilities.

Corporate events, advertising shoots, film and series productions, festivals - all of this is difficult to invision during the Corona crisis. But thanks to the PRG Virtual Production Studio-xR, it is once again possible to create these productions! Our team has turned one of the Cinegate studios in Hamburg into a "gateway to the world". Covering more than 400 square metres, PRG has built a setup which is capable of bringing almost any scenery into the studio to make virtual events possible. Virtual Productions have already successfully produced various productions including blockbusters such as ‘Joker’ and ‘Star Wars’ to shoot scenes in ideal conditions in the studio. The studio offers optimal technical conditions for all digital and virtual formats; and with the help of Extended Reality (xR), completely new production formats are also possible in which the real-world merges with the virtual world.



For the advertising and film industry in particular, this concept brings enormous added value, and not just in times of the pandemic. By implementing xR in the studio, the production saves time, logistical effort and costs for post-production. You are independent of weather conditions and a change of location is possible at the click of a mouse.
In the PRG Virtual Production Studio in Hamburg, a 90 square meter high resolution LED wall was set up as a backdrop. The screen is about 22 meters wide and is 4 meters tall, and is made up of panels with a 2.8mm pixel pitch. A 35-square-meter movable LED ceiling is also used both to illuminate the set and is also ideal as an Ambilight. In addition, an LED floor can be added to enable a virtual set extension. Compared with green screen, the use of xR means reflections on mirror and glass surfaces as well as on faces are real and do not have to be added afterwards in post-production. In our studio, we shoot in real time, for nobody to have to be cut out in the process. With the help of additional mobile LED modules, realistic-looking lighting effects can also be created. With the help of additional mobile LED modules, realistic-looking lighting effects can also be created.

Another big oppourtunity PRG offers is the collaboration with Cinegate. Cinegate is a subsidiary company of PRG and uses high-quality camera and lighting technology as well as grip such as dollies and rails and thus offers film productions diverse and professional possibilities. The proximity to the PRG warehouse in Hamburg also ensures that all types of event technology is quickly available.

Our team is very happy to advise customers and support them in the implementation of their projects. If you are interested in a production in our studio, please contact our experts:

See also our OnePager for more information:


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PRG provides the technical infrastructure for two temporary vaccination centres in Berlin

PRG has already proven its expertise and know-how for the smooth logistics and set-up of COVID-related major projects in a very short time, with the provision of the technical infrastructure for the temporary COVID- 19 treatment centre, in two halls on the Berlin exhibition grounds. Following this, PRG Germany has also been entrusted with the set-up of a similar technical framework for the temporary vaccination centres at Tempelhof Airport and the Arena Berlin Treptow.

PRG is supplying the complete infrastructure for this, including:

  • Rigging
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • IT and power cables
  • Floor plan & AV/IT planning
  • Special software solution: Management system for inoculation booth assignment
  • Digital signage (route guidance system via LED displays)

The rigging, which consists of a total of approx. 1.4 km of truss for both locations, is used to attach the fixtures for the comprehensive lighting, to lay and provide the IT and power set-up for the vaccination booths and the reception and care areas, as well as for the distribution of audio and video signals. As a special software solution, PRG supplied an automated vaccination booth management system, so that the booths are efficiently utilised during operation, minimising waiting times for patients and providing medical staff with an overview of occupancy at all times. PRG also developed a digital signage system using LED screens to help visitors find their way around. An area-wide public address system ensures that announcements can be made.

These temporary installations are carried out in close cooperation with the Berlin Senate Administration for Health, Care and Equality (GPG) and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which ensures that the vaccination centres (also in accordance with the Covid protection rules) are ready for operation as efficiently as possible and within a short time. The challenge for all parties involved, but especially for PRG as the technical service provider, is to ensure planning permission is in place, plan the movement and disposal of large quantities of equipment and also personnel, and ensure the installation is managed on site within a very tight time frame. The two temporary vaccination centres are expected to be completed on schedule by mid-December. PRG Germany will then support the vaccination centres with technical staff on site for the entire duration of the vaccination process.

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PRG at Wacken World Wide 2020

Wacken World Wide 2020 – the world premiere of the biggest livestream festival!

On behalf of the Telekom & Live Nation Brand Partnership & Media in cooperation with the Wacken organisers, PRG supplied the appropriate technology for this year’s Wacken Festival, which was implemented as a streaming event on an xR stage due to the corona situation. Under the name of “Wacken World Wide”, the world’s largest virtual festival was streamed from a mixed reality stage and metal fans were able to follow the metal spectacle live on MagentaMusik 360 and MagentaTV from 29th July to 1st August 2020. Afterwards, all performances will be available for several months. Bands such as “In Extremo”, “Blind Guardian” or “Sabaton” put their foot down on the xR-Stage and gave their fans a good warm up online. So far there have been over eleven million live content views worldwide – a complete success all round!


Impressive light shows and engaging stage effects created a unique Wacken feeling for this livestream. The musicians couldn't see the audience, but thanks to the digital stage, the audience got the full portion of metal at home. How was that made possible? Through a creative, innovative concept, a motivated team and selecting the appropriate, high-quality event technology.

With a floor space of around 80 square meters, the stage is the largest mixed reality stage and an absolute novelty for the festival and concert industry. On this stage, reality is mixed with virtual reality and thus made tangible online, for fans all over the world. PRG was responsible for the lighting, video, audio and streaming technology for this elaborate production. A team of experts set everything in motion to make ‘Wacken World Wide’ an unforgettable experience for the fans, the festival organisers and offer the metal bands a unique online stage.

Holger Hübner, one of the Wacken Open Air Co-Founders, offered praise in an interview with MagentaMusik360:
“Sabaton couldn't even rehearse properly. They were all thrown into the cold water and used it to their advantage to show that they were still here as a band. You could really feel the gratitude of the bands towards the crew, because they all did a great job! Our service provider PRG from Hamburg, did a fantastic job and served the bands in the most optimal way.“

The stage backdrop, a "curved" LED wall of 10.5m width by 5m height was composed of ROE Black Onyx 2 modules. The curvature ensured that there was enough space for a drum riser in the background. The stage floor, which was developed by PRG Projects, is a PRG proprietary product. The "Domino" is a modular LED floor that can be joined together seamlessly; it was frosted to eliminate reflections that would disturb the virtual environment. With the help of Brompton processors, the colour corrections of both LED products could easily be adjusted for xR use.

The lighting technology and the monitors in the foreground of the stage were positioned for the ‘real world’, the area where the band is located, was separate from the virtual world. This delimitation was especially advantageous for the artists in order to position themselves and know which areas of the stage they could use. In order to achieve very realistic light movements and effects, the virtual lamps were programmed to light on and above the stage and be transferred identically from the virtual to the real world.

The broadcast technology should also be emphasized: Grass Valley LDX broadcast cameras were used as the basic setup at the Wacken streaming festival: two cameras on cranes and two manned cameras for cutaway close-ups. The video master control coordinated all video and audio signals to create the final program stream. Alongside through Cinegate, a PRG company, we have access to a large stock of state-of-the-art film and large format cameras, lenses and grip technology, which can be supplied if desired.

Thanks to the perfect cooperation of all areas and trades and the many innovative ideas the Wacken fans did not have to miss their favourite festival this year. An online world premiere that shows what is possible in the music world despite Covid-19. If you are also interested in a streaming event and need detailed information, please contact our experts: 

See What We Can Do Together!


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Fielmann Online Annual General Meeting 2020 – Streaming Event Cinegate Studios Hamburg

PRG stages the first Fielmann Online Annual General Meeting

For many years now, Germany's most successful optician Fielmann has been working with PRG to ensure that the annual general meetings and press conferences are carried out with technical and visual perfection. Due to the Corona crisis, like many, this event were held online for the first time this year. After PRG had already successfully implemented the Fielmann annual accounts press conference as a streaming event a few weeks ago, the aim was now to stage the considerably more complex Annual General Meeting as a purely online event, so that shareholders could view it conveniently and securely on their home computers.


For this purpose, two studios were used in the Hamburg Cinegate Studios, which belonged to PRG, to ensure the event both complied with social distance rules and kept the entire event technology separate from the large stage with the board members of Fielmann AG - if only for acoustic reasons. 

As usual, PRG provided a 360° service here, including sound, lighting, video, streaming connections as well as stage and decoration construction. The basis for this was the stage and lighting design created by Jerry Appelt.

The heart of the stage design consisted of a high-resolution ROE Black Onyx2 LED wall (5,984x1,760px at 2.8mm pixel pitch), with a size of 17x5 meters, on which backgrounds and various recordings during the HV were shown. The video feeds were done via Watchout (for the backgrounds) and the Screen Management System (for overlays and PiP).

PRG used three camera systems - plus a camera on rails, which provided a dynamic image impression to showcase the AGM.

For the illumination Jerry Appelt relied on lighting fixtures from GLP: the washer and the spots of the S350 series (with aperture slider) – as a contemporary replacement for step lenses and profile spotlights. To create a bit of architectural space, the GLP-X4 bars were placed to the left and right of the stage in the studio, with FR1 LED moving lights as spotlights above the LED wall.

Tom Kaczmarek (Senior Account Manager PRG), who has been responsible for Fielmann events for many years, once again pulled all the strings and, together with the colleagues and associated companies involved, ensured that this year's streamed AGM was technically perfect and shared seamlessly across a 'digital stage' to the complete satisfaction of Fielmann AG.

Wir danken:
Fielmann AG
GLP (German Light Products) 
Jerry Appelt Lighting Design
Udo Kinnigkeit (Concept for Vision, Set Construction)
Kai Picht (Catering)

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Impressive video projection at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg for the campaign launch of Deutsche Telekom

As one of the last events before the coronavirus-related restrictions, Deutsche Telekom had staged a video projection on three sides of the Elbphilharmonie (the famous new Hamburg Opera House) for the launch of its new campaign "X Times More Possibilities", with PRG commissioned for the technical implementation. A total area of almost 2,000 square metres had to be covered! For this purpose, a total of eight projection towers were erected around the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall, each housed up to four laser projectors, some of which were vertically 'stacked', with an output of up to 50,000 AnsiLumen, which resulted in a brilliant and uniform presentation of the video content.

The whole thing was controlled by a feed control system consisting of four high-performance D3 servers that distributed the video content to the individual projectors. The setup allowed individual access to each projector, e.g. to adjust brightness, colour temperature and the position of the projection. In addition, a separate WLAN network was installed between the projection towers, so that fine adjustments could be made directly on site at any point around the building, with the help of a remote laptop shortly before the projection started. This was done by means of a 'grid' that was projected onto the walls to check whether the image overlays of the individual projectors were exactly right. This was also necessary because "the weather during the set-up phase was once again – typical for Hamburg – sensationally bad, so the installation and set-up of the projectors within a rather short time frame became a real challenge", explains Michael Ebinger (Senior Account Manager PRG) with a smile.

The agency DO IT! was responsible for the overall project management. The content was created by Urbanscreen. Majo Ussat (Managing Director at Urbanscreen) outlined the development process as follows: "At the beginning, Telekom had hardly any ideas, except that they had sent us a campaign motif and said: 'what can you make out of this'? We then made use of some stylistic elements as the polygonal 'grid', a classic 3D mapping effect (with the cuboids going in and out), and then of course implemented the campaign motif "X Times More" with the Telekom logo. All this was spiced up a bit with Hamburg symbols, such as anchors, cranes and also a big ship."

On the day of the event itself, the weather in Hamburg showed a more merciful side, there was no rain and the wind kept within limits, so that the guests and also the Hamburg residents were offered a perfect projection spectacle. "At the end of the day, the result was to the point and what it should be: a great campaign start, a support of the Telekom street gigs and a bit of a greeting for Hamburg from Telekom. All the feedback we've received has been consistently positive," Majo Ussat sums up.

PRG was pleased that this event went smoothly and to the satisfaction of the customer, thus once again demonstrating its competence in outdoor projections of this size and quality.

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PRG Takes Action to Fight COVID-19

Faced with the magnitude of the global health crisis linked to the spread of COVID-19, Production Resource Group, LLC (PRG) is putting its skills to work to make a difference in the fight against the virus in Europe and The United States. Known for live event, entertainment and scenic production PRG is leveraging its know-how to help patients and health workers in Berlin and New York by crafting face shields and building a temporary hospital.

We are responding to the rapidly changing needs of our customers during this emergency, and, with projects like these taking shape around the globe, we are actively at work in the fight against the coronavirus. PRG has resources with direct applicability to this important cause, and we take great pride in playing a role,” said Jere Harris, PRG’s Chairman and CEO.

New York Personal Protection Equipment Production

PRG Scenic Technologies in New Windsor, New York, alongside two other local sub-contracting companies, is working in partnership with NYU Langone Health to manufacture face shields for health workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis in New York City. The project aims to produce close to 300,000 pieces in just under two weeks.
“We’re proud to be a part of this initiative and hope to continue to help those who are aiding in this crisis,” said Mark Peterson, General Manager who is leading this effort. “By utilizing versatile production methods and intelligent design and in working with Local 311 stagehand labor, we’re going to be able to turn out these shields in record time.”
The team has reworked traditional production line assembly to adhere to guidelines for social distancing to ensure worker health.

Temporary Overflow Hospital in Berlin

PRG Germany has been assigned by the Senate Administration for Health, Nursing and Equality, to fully equip a temporary hospital in Hall 26 at the Berlin Expo Center. The ‘Corona - Jafféstraße Treatment Centre’ will serve as an overflow hospital receiving respiratory patients who can no longer find a place in Berlin’s clinics.
Construction started on March 30th and the hospital is targeted to become operational in approximately 20- 25 days and it will operate for as long as necessary.  In cooperation with the engineering office Genius, PRG will deliver and install lighting, truss and hoists for the suspension of the lighting fixtures, gas and water pipes. Furthermore PRG also delivers the IT infrastructure and approximately 25 tons of cabling for the basic supply of electricity to the different beds, including the medical equipment.
“PRG is taking its significant resources directly to the battle against COVID-19. We are proud to support this temporary hospital and hope to help bring the global pandemic to an end,” says Stephan Paridaen, President and COO.

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Clever moves from PRG; success with the right event technology!

The 14th European Handball Championship was characterised by exciting matches, atmospheric chants and lots of sports spirit - and of course, event technology that supports exactly that! One of the venues was the Vienna City Hall, where preliminary and main rounds took place from 9th to 26th January 2020.

Our Austrian PRG team was responsible for the event. The experienced crew worked alongside our colleagues René Rarrel and Sander van der Hoeven from our Vienna office, to carry out the technical planning in close cooperation with the client and ensure a smooth implementation. PRG supplied the video technology, lighting and audio technology for this event, and when it comes to the technical equipment for a sports event, it is important that above all, emotions, information and the feeling of the sport are showcased.

Florian Riepe, PRG Head of Sports, and his team try to achieve exactly that:
"It is of course extremely important that such events are staged appropriately and that the sound, lighting and everything else that goes with it is perfect. We understand the athletes, the organisers, the fans and we also understand the marketing, which enables us to use the technology accordingly".

For the sound engineering, the choice fell on a powerful system from Meyer Sound. Among other things, 38 Meyer Sound Lyon-M line arrays were installed, along with 16 Meyer Sound Leopard. Meyer Sound UPQ-1P and UPJ-1P were installed in the lower tiers. For the bass, the sound experts chose Meyer Sound 1100-LFC loudspeakers, which were hidden under the stage and therefore, not visible. When installing the sound system, it was important that there should be no restriction to the audience's field of vision.

The audio technology delivered what it was supposed to, even the local media reported it a success:
"In any case, the public address system in the Vienna City Hall worked excellently: The arena in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus created good acoustics during the dress rehearsal for the European Handball Championship 2020," Peter Karlik wrote in the KURIER.

Besides the good sound, video technology played an important role. In total, two 46 square meter screens were installed in the hall. Absen T5 modules were installed for this. These LED walls showcased the activity from the playing field and doubled up as a scoreboard. To display this in parallel, the screens were each divided into two LED walls, but looked like one large area and could therefore be used to showcase different content.

The lighting technology also came from PRG. In addition to lighting the handball field and the audience ranks, the crew also equipped the Mixed Zone with lighting technology so that the players were also professionally illuminated during the interviews.

Even though the German national handball team only reached rank five, in the end, it was a successful European Championship with a great atmosphere, first-class handball and of course a successful technical implementation. Christoph Joklik from the "Österreichischer Handball Verband" was very satisfied:
"When there are 9,000 people in the hall, the music and the speakers are very, very important in handball to showcase the sounds and the atmosphere. As such, a very, very good sound system is incredibly important to make the event a positive one - and that worked outstandingly!"

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Middle Beast 2019


December 19th to 21st, 2019, are dates that EDM fans in Saudi Arabia will not easily forget! The very first edition of the MDL Beast Fest held in the capital, Riyadh, was an immediate hit. The stellar line-up included 28 International music acts, such as Tiesto, Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, and 24 home-grown Saudi Arabian DJs including DJ Duo Dish Dash and EDM DJ Cosmicat. PRG is proud to have provided 360° technology support and production services to this.

From a creative dream to technical reality

The record-breaking festival took place at a purpose-built venue on the outskirts of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Entertainment offerings were split across five stages delivering a truly spectacular event. PRG was the proud provider of 360° technology and production services for this remarkable first of its kind and it proved a real showcase, demonstrating the collective capabilities of the PRG teams from Dubai, UK, Belgium, Germany and France and their ability to collaborate in making that creative dream a technical reality!

MDL Beast is a festival of superlatives. The PRG team set up a total of 480 tons of equipment on-site — audio, lighting, video and rigging for the five primary stages — but it’s not all about the gear!

For this world-class and amazing first in the region, PRG has come together as a global team to deliver production excellence across all disciplines. This is what PRG is all about…it’s all about our people!


5 stages, 1 big immersive experience

More than 400,000 visitors immersed themselves across the 5 performance arenas, each of them beyond spectacular in terms of scale and visual impact! This, together with a mix of art & cultural zones, fashion activations and food & beverage outlets created a fantastic festival setting.

“We delivered over 3000 square metres of high resolution LED Screens across the festival site, from the impressive and Guinness World Record winning main stage, reaching some 37 metres high, to the immersive 360 degree video performance zones, the scale of this event was truly mind-blowing ”, explains Niel Beelen.

PRG in the Middle East

The supply of state-of-the art equipment was simply one aspect of our scope of work for MDL Beast. Added to this technology was the supply of a diverse range of technical specialists from the across the PRG world.

“PRG is all about technical production services. In a short time-frame our teams across three continents were able to come together team to deliver a truly mega event. MDL Beast was a great festival and we are really proud to have played a part in making this a success!” says Stephan Paridaen, CEO of PRG Group, who was in Saudi Arabia for the occasion. Paridaen continues: “We are really proud to be supporting the vision of 2030, delivered by the Saudi Arabian Leadership, has a focus on culture and tourism, sports and entertainment and what better example than this amazing event, MDL Beast!”

PRG wants to thank and congratulate MDL Beast LLC and Sela for this incredible achievement and to our fantastic global PRG Team.

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30 years fall of the Berlin wall

One great staging concept for ‘30 years since the Berlin Wall fell’ celebrations

So many ‘wow moments’ during the celebrations on November 9th in Berlin!

More than 100,000 spectators were drawn to the Brandenburg Gate, where the highlight of the festival week marking the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall took place. PRG was a part of this amazing event with a crew of 180, providing the 360° full event technology services, including rigging, lighting, video, audio as well as broadcast and communication technology. A total of 140 tons of event technology were installed around the Brandenburg Gate. A varied program could be enjoyed on the two stages.  The concept was developed by ‘Kulturprojekte Berlin’ and the agency ‘Phase 7’

In the middle was a gigantic projection sphere, which was planned as a 3D model by PRG, so that the projection on the sphere could also be perceived spatially by the audience on site as well as the TV viewers. This sphere symbolized the globe and, with a diameter of 19m, formed the central element of the setting. The projections on the sphere showed the stage events, impressive shots from all over the world, partly with a contemporary background, as well as generated live content (social media commentary from enthusiastic viewers). The projection was handled by six Panasonic PT-RZ31K laser projectors installed on two towers. The LED screens consisted of approximately 500 ROE MC-7H V3 LED modules. PRG also had two LED trucks in use - each with 50m² LED surface - consisting of MC-7HB modules, which also presented the stage events and the content to the more distant audience.

During the first three construction days, the team completed the rigging work and installed the lighting. From November 4th till 10th, the art installation ‘Vision in Motion - Your vision in the sky above Berlin’ took place in front of the Brandenburg Gate. PRG also supplied the lighting technology for this installation. People could write their wishes and messages on ribbons that floated as a waving flag above the famous street ‘Straße des 17. Juni’. Due to this art project, the construction work during this period could only be carried out at night. A challenge that the team mastered thanks to a perfectly tuned crew logistic. Also the very strict safety precautions, which were prescribed due to the number of celebrities attending  (16 foreign ministers were on site), had to be considered in the planning – since for example, no empty cases were allowed to remain near the stages.

The two lighting designers Flo Erdmann and Sven Sören Beyer composed an impressive lighting event for the show. A total of more than 600 lamps were used, which had to be fit for an outdoor event and therefore very resistant. In addition to the Elation Proteus Hybrid and the Elation Paladin Panel, the PRG Icon Edge and the PRG Icon Beam were also part of the lighting kit. In addition, 90 GLP lamps were installed - such as the GLP Impression X4L. The lighting technology was controlled, amongst other, by four GrandMA 2 full-size consoles.

The audio signals were provided by a powerful Meyer Sound system, which covered the entire area in front of the Brandenburg Gate as well as adequately supplying the street ‘Straße des 17. Juni’ over a distance of around 500m with various delay lines. Our crew installed 28x Meyer Sound Lyon M, 12x Meyer Sound Lyon W and 24x Meyer Sound 1100-LFC amongst others. Whether it was for a musical contribution and classical sounds of Beethoven's 5th Symphony or for more beat with Westbam's fat techno - the sound was very convincing and the audience was enthusiastic.

Despite the bad weather conditions and heavy rain during the preparations, this globally acclaimed event was a complete success. PRG would like to thank everyone involved and is happy to have been part of this impressive event for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall! … and of course a big thank you to PRG’s marvelous crew!

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162 tons of event technology and a good dose of sportsmanship at the 2019 Gymnastics World Championships

From October 4th till 13th 2019, everything revolved around the topic of gymnastics in Stuttgart. The Hanns-Martin-Schleyer hall, offering 8,500 seats, hosted this year's world championship in apparatus gymnastics and around 600 athletes from 93 delegations battled for the world championship title.

PRG was present with a 40-man crew and responsible for rigging, video, lighting and audio technology. In order to allow the client to visualize the design and the technical implementation during the planning phase already, the PRG Creative Team designed a spatial concept and various visualizations. A considerable advantage, since the team involved could imagine the chosen event location including the technology, the stage and the spatial dimensions.

Comparison Rendering / Photo:

The competitions being broadcasted on TV and Internet, it was important to optimize the lighting kit and therefore the illumination of the gymnastics fields for the camera images. It’s all about finding the right balance and not dazzling the athletes with the lighting fixtures, which represented 1,200 lux on the field. MAC Viper Wash DX luminaires and GLP Impression X4 L were installed.

The PRG Special Constructions team customized a 25m wide x 9m high LED wall, with ROE MC-7H modules, for the stage on which the award ceremonies and athletes entrances took place. Special aspect of that wall being it being curved for the public to have the perfect view from all angles. PRG was also responsible for the installation of the advertising banners, for which Absen LED T5 modules were used. For the customer it was important to give these gymnastics championships a more modern touch. The flags of the winning countries this year were displayed on three suspended LED screens.

For this type of top-class sporting event, high-quality audio technology is highly important in addition to lighting and video technology in order to provide the public with the latest information in the best possible way. Meyer Sound MINA loudspeakers were in action for the sound in the audience ranks. The gymnasiums themselves were equipped with Meyer Sound UPA-1P.

In just six days, the crew installed the 162 tons of event technology. Around 180 hoists and 8t of cables set-up in the hall for the lighting installation. For Alexander Fleige, Project Manager of the Gymnastics World Championships, an event of this size can only be realised with a great deal of know-how and teamwork:

"With PRG, we hoped to find a competent partner in the areas of production and technology - and we were absolutely satisfied! really enjoyed the cooperation in a very collegial way. You can really call this teamwork! Luckily PRG was there from the very first minute and thus accompanied the whole installation in the hall and took care of the complete technical equipment from the very beginning. It really helped us to shape the iùage of this World Cup".

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Hapag Lloyd Christening Hamburg

High-quality video mapping despite typical rainy weather in Hamburg at the christening of the "Hanseatic Inspiration"

On October 11, 2019, the latest expedition cruise ship from Hapag-Lloyd Cruises "Hanseatic Inspiration", was christened in the Port of Hamburg with an impressive video mapping on the ship's facade and a perfectly adapted light show. Guests could watch it all from dinghies and Zodiac inflatable boats. The naming ceremony was intended to give a foretaste of the planned expeditions of the five-star cruise ship. 

PRG was commissioned for the complete audio technology, projection technology, lighting technology and was responsible for the wireless transmission of all signals.

Eleven Panasonic PT-RZ 31k laser projectors were used to implement this top quality video mapping. These high-performance projectors each have a brightness of 31k ANSI lumens. In total, the projection was 140m wide x 22m high and showed a 12-minute video depicting scenes from Arctic regions and the Amazon.

The high-performance Meyer Sound systems provided the perfect sound for the guests. Two floating pontoons were equipped with P.A. towers. Twelve Meyer Sound LEO-M line arrays and twelve Meyer Sound 1100 LFC bass speakers were installed. The lighting technology also underlined this impressive show. A total of 276 lamps were in action, including CP Mythos, GLP X4 and GLP KNV Cubes. Directional radio links and W-DMX equipment were used to transmit data across the Elbe River to program the event technology and control the systems on the pontoons. 

A total of 80 tons of technology were installed for the naming ceremony, which was delivered by 3 trailers straight from the PRG Hamburg warehouse. The planning period was extremely short and only of twelve days. With 52 technicians, the installation was completed in just 24h in a shift system. The biggest challenge during this project was not only the tide, but also the extremely bad weather. It rained and stormed during set-up and on the evening of the event unfortunately, but our crew mastered it perfectly! 
PRG Senior Account Manager Michael Casper particularly pleased with the smooth process of the event, despite the wind, weather and waves: "Thanks to our high-quality technology, the implementation ran smoothly. The whole team worked together seamlessly, including the other trades like the tugboats, who battled together with us for this event to be a success.”

On October 14th the ship left full speed ahead for its’ first. PRG wishes a fantastic trip!

  • Idea, Concept & Producer: Event Service RS GmbH, CC Cruise Company GmbH
  • Project Lead: Jan Struve
  • Creative- & Show Director: Roland Schwaizer
  • 3D Video Mapping: United Motion Labs
  • Head of Video & Projection Mapping: Martin Seiter
  • Light Design: Arkin Atacan


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Festival of Lights Berlin 2019

Spectacular video mapping at the Festival of Lights 2019

It is when, after sunset, striking landmarks and well-known buildings in the capital are illuminated by artistic projections, and enthusiastic visitors move from one work of art to another through the streets of Berlin, that you know that the impressive "Festival of Lights" is taking place again. This year, about 100 locations were highlighted. For the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the motto was "Lights of Freedom". The event was held from the 11th till 20th of October, for the 15th time,  and it was once again a great success! Around three million people came to Berlin to marvel at the spectacular open-air gallery. 

PRG was one of the technology partners and was commissioned to install media and projection technology at eight different locations, including the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin TV Tower. Over 40 projectors from PRG were in action. Panasonic DPL laser projectors PT-RZ31 K were installed at the Brandenburg Gate. These high-performance projectors have a brightness of 30k ANSI lumens. Marin Petkov, Visual Effects Supervisor of the Festival of Lights, is enthusiastic about the image quality: "Thanks to these high-quality beamers, the show at the Brandenburg Gate is spectacular. These powerful projectors are also in use at the Berlin TV Tower - and the visuals are simply awesome!


For the Berlin TV Tower, the projection was realized by means of projectors used in “Portrait mode” to realize the video-mapping for such a height. The buildings and institutions were equipped with projections daily from 7pm till midnight. It took one week to set it all up with a crew of eight people. Due to the darkness required, the video mapping was set up and programmed in the evening and at night. In addition to the Berlin TV Tower and the Brandenburg Gate, the PRG team installed video technology at the James-Simon-Gallery, the Ministry of Finance, the Museum of Natural History, the Humboldt Forum, the Shopping-Center Jahndorf and the Marstall building. PRG also partly installed the audio technology.

PRG Account Manager Gerd Helinski and his team had already provided the customer with detailed advice and a technical detailed planning in advance. 
Birgit Zander, initiator of the "Festival of Lights", is very satisfied with the smooth cooperation: "In the projections and shows, it was important to note that every building, every facade, every stone, every angle is different. And having a competent partner with whom you can plan things, who can advise you and make suggestions is extremely important for us - and Gerd Helinski's and his team really gave us excellent advice in this regard.” 

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PRG convinces at DMEXCO 2019 with a stage-ready performance

On September 11th and 12th the DMEXCO took place in Cologne. DMEXCO is a mixture of conference,trade fair and which includes booth for Digital Marketing, Expo and Conference. Around 41,000 visitors attended the fair, where about 1 000 exhibitors presented themselves. Following this years motto of DMEXCO being "Trust in you", the PRG team also went to work with self-confidence and convinced with its performance! PRG Account Manager Eike Vollmer explains: "PRG was responsible for the entire lighting and sound design. We worked closely with the client, gained a lot of trust and tried to implement his wishes and ideas in the best possible way. We were also given a lot of freedom to adapt the technology and to the set design. One of the biggest challenges was to implement the customers and the speakers wishes in, and on time.”

The technology had to be installed in a time frame of just five days. The customer commissioned the event service provider to equip the four large stages with rigging, video, lighting and audio technology. In addition, the crew built a small TV studio for the trade fair, which was used by the speakers for individual conferences. With a size of 235 square metres, the Congress Stage was the largest stage at DMEXCO. More than 900 modules were installed for the LED walls. Two LED screens were installed on the left and on right of the stage to transmit the camera images. In the middle was a LED of 70sqm in total showed the presentations.


At the Debate Stage PRG's new LED wall Absen Aries 1.5 was used for the first time. This wall is characterized by a very small pixel pitch, its color purity and clarity in the representation. On the Debate Stage, speakers sitting in the middle of the stage opposite each other, held dynamic discussions on various topics. The challenge was to integrate the event technology into the set design in a way that supported the stage concept and focused on the speakers. 

This year, the latest technologies were presented at the Experience Stage. Viewers were given insights into the digital world of tomorrow. In order to support the presentations and create a suitable atmosphere, PRG used fog machines on this stage, which is rather unusual for a congress situation.

In just five days, a team of 50 technicians mastered the set-up. In total, the crew installed around 120 tons of event technology in the exhibition halls. Andrés Cabral, technical planner of the Koelnmesse, worked closely with the PRG team. He praised the short reaction times and the fact that there was a dedicated contact person for each trade: "After the tender, we were happy to be able to commission PRG, one of the major players, which was able to react flexibly to the size of the project, and could actually equip almost everything from its own stock, so that this was always solved satisfactorily for us.“

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PRG goes Art – LED special construction for international art project

From September 8th to 15th, passers-by could admire an art installation consisting of a black cube with an LED screen on Hamburg's town hall market on which you could see an abandoned landscape with a waving flag of black smoke! This stunning work of art by John Gerrard is called "Western Flag". It depicts the town of Spindletop in Texas, in which the first major oil boom took place in 1901.

PRG has been working with the renowned artist Gerrard for several years and has supported him in various international projects in recent years. From February to April 2019, the artwork was shown in Palm Springs during ten weeks, California, and in 2017 in front of Somerset House in London, where PRG also provided technical support. John Gerrard worked with the event service provider for the first time in 2014.

On behalf of the artist, PRG installed a large LED wall in front of New York's Lincoln Center on which his works were shown. Gerrard was thus able to benefit from PRG's know-how and event technology in all projects and convey his message as a huge work of art to the very interested audience.


The art installation was also welcomed with great interest in Hamburg, where it was invited and curated by Dirck Möllmann for his public art program HAMBURG MASCHINE, 2018–20, for the pilot project Stadtkuratorin Hamburg supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media as part of the program Kunst im öffentlichen Raum. The flag, visualized in smoke, is intended to draw attention to the environmental impact of global carbon dioxide emissions. For eight days, this digital picture could be seen day and night on the 80 square meter LED screen in Hamburg. PRG was commissioned with the design and construction. The design was carried out in the Hamburg and Vienna offices, as well as PRG Hamburg's in-house carpenter's workshop, in collaboration with the Special Constructions team, which then realized this project together.

Sander van der Hoeven (Project Manager PRG): "This construction not only consists of an LED wall, but also had to be very meticulous to ensure that it was not going to be too high from the (lower) edge, to avoid for people to see that it was suspended on a scaffolding.

The LED screen consisted of ROE Visual MC-07-H modules. With a total height of the LED wall of 9.60 meters and a width of 8.40 meters, the construction was covered with fabric-on the sides to create a seamless black cube.

The artist John Gerrard is thrilled about the international cooperation with PRG: "I have already worked with PRG on several projects ... that was very good and everything worked really well!”


John Gerrards art project Western Flag (Spindletop, Texas), 2017, at Rathausmarkt Hamburg, Germany in 2019 was curated by Dirck Möllmann for HAMBURG MASCHINE / pilot project Stadtkuratorin.

The program HAMBURG MASCHINE / pilot project Stadtkuratorin Hamburg is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media as part of the program Kunst im öffentlichen Raum.



Unfortunately, we were informed about the sad news concerning Dirck Möllmann, city curator of HAMBURG MASCHINE, who passed away after a serious illness. He was the driving force behind the art project "Western Flag" by John Gerrard in Hamburg. We would like to express our deep sympathy and sincere condolences to his family.

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