Best of Belron - Best Technology for the World Cup of the Car Glass Repairs 2018

15/07/2018 Automotive Event

Focused jurors, finalists competing for the title and an expert audience following the competition closely: This was the ‚Best of Belron‘ at the ‘Festhalle’ in Frankfurt. The event aimed to find the best fitter and glass repairing professional of Belron International (CARGLASS®).

PRG was in charge of the lighting, audio, video and rigging and staged this event according to an ingenious concept by Uniplan – watch our behind the scenes video:

Felix Börner (Uniplan – Director Hamburg Office): “Our and PRG’s biggest challenge was the immense size of the venue (almost 20,000 m²). Furthermore, the time frame for the set-up and the dismantling were both extremely short and an alteration had to be conducted on the last day. We needed an experienced partner striving for perfection, just like we do at Uniplan, to put everything into balance and are thrilled to have succeeded together with PRG.”

PRG Firmenevent – Best of Belron 2018, Frankfurt Festhalle

The participants of the competition were welcomed frenetically by about 1,000 guests from all over the world at the opening event.

PRG Firmenevent – Best of Belron 2018, Frankfurt Festhalle – PRG Projects Light Tubes

The LED tubes above the competition workshops creating the typical workshop neon-atmosphere were a special highlight and were customized for Uniplan by PRG Projects. The LED tubes, of a length of 3m were controllable down to the pixel via media server and therefore offered a variety of effects that blended in seamlessly into the different scenarios during the event.

PRG Firmenevent – Best of Belron 2018, Frankfurt Festhalle

A conference took place simultaneously in an adjacent exhibition hall, during which the audience could learn about interesting topics, e.g. the latest developments in the industry. The complete conference technology was provided by PRG as well. Fohhn Audio A provided a new sound system which, due to an elaborated technology, resulted in a wide spread broadcast and therefore sparing the utilization of delay lines.

PRG Firmenevent – Best of Belron 2018, Frankfurt Festhalle

The event went over two days and ended up with the honors of the new world champion, followed by a gala dinner and a party with live music.

Robert Sterke (Global Sales Development Director at Belron):: The way people worked together was just fabulous, like clockworks! Since we have to consider so many elements during the event ourselves, we are happy to work with partners that give us the insurance of having everything under control and that everything works perfectly. One worry less for us!“

We thank Uniplan and Belron for their trust in PRG and our fantastic collaboration!


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