PRG LED Truck Travels to Republic of Congo for Presidential Elections


Following a recent client enquiry to Pierre-Guillaume Tomasso, Project Manager at PRG France, our team have prepared our LED trailers ready for travel to the Republic of Congo where they will be used for public viewings for the upcoming Presidential election. 

The elections will take place on 20th March 2016.

In the capital city Brazzaville, a number of public events will take place in the run up to the election, and to enable a large-scale rally for 300,000 people on 18th March, two of PRG XL Video’s large truck screens, each with 50m2 of LED screen, have been shipped via a huge Antonov cargo plane to the African country.

“Our truck screens are used for a wide range of outdoor events from sports to public spectacles, beach parties and musical events,” said Jan Sören Eckert, Fleetmanager LED Trucks at PRG XL Video. “They travel to many locations across Europe throughout the year, but this is the first time we have shipped them to Africa."

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