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PRG Presents New Products and Services at the Prolight + Sound


Live broadcast of the LEA gala via HD and 360-degree live streams over Internet

The Production Resource Group (PRG) will have a significant presence at this year's Prolight + Sound from 4 to 7 April in the Festhalle Frankfurt. The action gets underway in the evening before the show with the presentation of the PRG Live Entertainment Awards (LEA), for which PRG is responsible as overall technical service provider. The creative responsibility, as in previous years, will rest with Jerry Appelt and bright!. From the opening day of the show onwards, visitors to the Festhalle will be able to examine the stage used, including all the installations and effects, and attend regularly scheduled demo shows. This year, the music for the demo show was composed by the band FOXOS, which will also be performing it live in the Festhalle.

360-degree live broadcast over the Internet

One of the dominant themes of this year's event will be 360-degree streaming. Not only will the LEA gala be broadcast for the first time as a Full HD live stream over the Internet, using the right devices it will also be possible to follow it as a 360-degree event. At the location itself, a 360-degree/3D virtual reality signal will be available. The equipment required for the VR moving images—including a Nokia Ozo 3D/360° camera—will be provided by the VR and media technology specialists PRG Lab.

The 1,400 guests in the hall also have much to look forward to: in addition to the award winners in the 15 event categories, the performance of Udo Lindenberg will be among the major highlights of the 12th Live Entertainment Awards. The musical programme on the newly designed PRG stage will further include performances by Schiller, Max Giesinger and Helmut Zerlett, who will be accompanying the exclusive gala with his band.

New products at the Prolight + Sound

As well as various VR demonstrations, the full service provider will be presenting a number of its own products. These will include the updated PRG Mbox® Extreme media server, the Icon BEAM moving light and the revolutionary GroundControl™ Followspot System. One brand-new attraction will be the prototype of the GroundControl Longthrow (LT) followspot, which, too, can be controlled from the ground at a distance of over 600 metres. This year's PRG partners will also be presenting a number of new products. Among them will be the BlackTrax live tracking system from Cast, which makes the interaction of performers, stage kinetics equipment and media content possible. Stage Kinetik will be showing its magnificent "ballet of balls": Winch One. GLP will also be demonstrating the new JDC1 hybrid strobe, the new version of the GT-1 hybrid lamp, and the X4 atom Sixbar in live action.

PRG's partners at the Prolight + Sound 2017 are: Jerry Appelt Lichtdesign, bright!, GLP German Light Products, Stage Kinetik, RIEDEL Communications, Gerriets, ROE Visual, Sennheiser, CAST Group, MDG, allbuyone, Notch, PMS Crew Support, Elements Entertainment, laserfabrik, Apleona HSG Event Services, ComputerWorks, Lighting Tools, inline Kurierdienst, the City of Frankfurt am Main, Wirtschaftsförderung der Stadt Frankfurt (Frankfurt Economic Development), Musikmesse, Prolight & Sound.

For more Information please visit: Prolight+Sound

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