PRG is expanding its staff in digital and virtual production.


In order to meet the growing market in digital and virtual production, and to offer our clients even better services, we have strengthened our digital studios and are pleased to welcome Timo Hille as Head of Virtual Production and Steven Meyer as Virtual Production Specialist on board with us. Timo and Steven join the existing team with Christian Jungen (also Virtual Production Specialist), Felix Falk (Media Server Operator) and Moses Bartosch (Project Manager).

Virtual Production Studio

From left to right: Christian Jungen, Steven Meyer, Timo Hille

Timo Hille is responsible for the entire Virtual Production unit from sales to production. He will also drive the latest developments and innovations:

"The whole area of virtual productions is relatively uncharted territory and still offers a lot of room for creative solutions. What appeals to me is that we at PRG not only want to consolidate the market we have already established ourselves in, but also to use our studios to develop new technologies for the live entertainment sector and to work out production-ready solutions from them. This will allow us to offer our clients not just simple equipment in the future, but unique technology solutions that don't even exist yet."

Steven Meyer as Virtual Production Specialist is responsible for the integration of content into the multi-layered digital studio environment:

"I create new interfaces and ensure that content supplied by the customer is optimally integrated into the various virtual production systems (tracking, real-time engines, media servers). For me, it's always about seamlessly linking these systems to create a perfect virtual experience."

Christian Jungen, who is also a Virtual Production Specialist, adds:

"In addition to working on interface integration, I create and optimise virtual content so that the real and virtual worlds merge exactly. So, with this additional component of creative content creation, we can offer our clients another service that enables efficient digital productions with us."

Johannes Wahl, PRG Sales Director Virtual Production Germany, summarises:

"We can clearly see that the demand for Virtual Production is growing strongly, especially in the area of scripted content. Virtual production gives creative people and filmmakers endless possibilities to redefine spaces and move in real and fictional worlds without restrictions. In addition to artistic aspects, calculative security and the ability to plan the virtual environment are crucial for production. These technologies will certainly have a lasting influence on filming and post-production in the future and will become permanently established as an innovative form of production. That is why we are happy to welcome Timo and Steven, two creative thinkers, to strengthen our team. This means we are ideally equipped for future challenges and innovations in the field of digital and virtual production."

The Social Experiment

Shooting of the feature film "The Social Experiment" in the
PRG Cinegate Virtual Production Studio-xR in Hamburg

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