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GLP impression S350 in action at the recording of Udo Lindenberg MTV Unplugged 2

For Udo Lindenberg’s MTV Unplugged 2 DVD production at the Kampnagel Theatre in Hamburg, PRG provided the lighting gear, among other things. Among the equipment put to use was the new GLP impression S350, which PRG has stocked in large numbers since summer 2018. Jerry Appelt (Jerry Applet Lichtdesign) talks in this interview about the advantages of these innovative lights and the special technical circumstances of this presentation format.


The particular features of the location at Kampnagel proved to be a real challenge: many musicians in a small space, restricted roof loads coupled with the lack of a fly system – PRG found an ideal solution to these issues with the versatile, energy saving LED moving lights. The key light GLP S 350 impresses the lighting expert with its lightweight, 25 kg build, colour reproduction index and the resulting good colour reproduction with CMY colour mixing system, including an additional colour wheel with fixed colours and correction filters. The shutter module is equally impressive, featuring movable shutters, which can each be positioned up to an angle of ± 30° and have a beam adjustment of 0-100%. Sharp triangles and total shading are realised with ease. The aesthetic of the GLP S350 is also to Appelt’s liking, thanks in particular to its baseless design. Alongside the large rental inventory, what the lighting designer values most about working with PRG is the large degree of flexibility and high reaction speeds.

Just how good the lighting for the entire production was handled, can be seen on the finished DVD: “The DVD from Udo Lindenberg’s Unplugged concert is available for purchase from 14 December. PRG thanks Udo Lindenberg, Think Big GmbH, Jerry Appelt Lichtdesign and the entire production team for the chance to part of this project!” 

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09/11/2018 Video Mapping

Artistic video mapping for the opening of the “Intelligent Quarters” in Hamburg’s HafenCity

On the occasion of the inauguration of the building ensemble “Intelligent Quarters”, in close collaboration with the renowned light artist and scenographer Michael Batz, PRG realised a short but spectacular video mapping display on the façade of the Shipyard office building in Hamburg’s HafenCity.

Together with the agency bright!, Batz developed a design, comprised of impressive shapes and colours, a 3D effect which was further augmented by the building’s angled façade. To achieve this, the colour concept and shapes were first developed using still frames, which were then animated.




For PRG, the greatest challenge was to perfectly align the projection with the architecture of the building, including the windows. Two disguise 4x4pro servers enabled the transmission of text elements, pictures and animations, which were projected by six Panasonic 20K projectors onto the white, porcelain-covered façade of the Shipyard office building, situated directly by the Elbe.

Michael Batz was overwhelmed by the result of the collaboration: “The reactions were: ‘Wow’! People were really astonished and didn’t expect that this building could exhibit such depth, relevance and richness of expression. I was really impressed!”


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PRG Demo Days 2018 PRG Products
17/10/2018 PRG Product Tradeshow

PRG, GLP & PRG Projects present innovative products

Studio 33 at MMC Studios was entirely bathed in blue as PRG presented its product highlights alongside PRG Projects and GLP in September 2018. Here in Cologne and in Studio Balan in Munich, the guests had the opportunity to learn about various new and innovative solutions in the LED and lighting segment, as well as special constructions.

Udo Willburger (Chief Sales Officer at PRG) was very satisfied with the feedback and the lively interest in the featured products: “What we have presented here are state of the art solutions – amongst others, the PURE10, a highly transparent LED which, together with the Domino, a highly flexible touring LED floor, is being used on this year's U2 World Tour.”
 – Take a look at a few impressions from the PRG Demo Days 2018: 



Below you will find all the demonstrated products listed for you again, including product sheets for download / additional information:

LED and special construction

Automatic and LED lighting 


You can also download the PRG Projects Booklet 2018 here ▸ Download (pdf).


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PURE10 makes its debut during U2’s ‘eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE tour’

10 times lighter than a regular screen and with an unprecedented 70% transparency, the PURE10 is the eye catcher on U2’s stage.

Other tech innovations are the PRG SPACEFRAME™ and Domino for the round video floor.

PRG Projects was visiting some highly innovative companies in China only 1.5 years ago, when they met NEXNOVO – specializing in ultra-thin advertising solutions. Frederic Opsomer stipulated to have been especially impressed by the high level of focus of NEXNOVO”. Barton Lin, COO of NEXNOVO was immediately intrigued by the challenges: “Our product was initially designed for fixed installations, PRG Projects brought the professionalism and knowhow to use the advantages of the technology and adapt it for a concert-touring reality”.

From there, it all went very fast: the design phase started in November and was ready in January. The production started immediately in China, where the electronic components were built. Everything was shipped to Belgium mid March for the assembly and the mechanical part: a full carbon fibre structure.

Jake Berry, Production Director U2, states that without the PURE10, this setting for U2’s eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour would not have been possible: “After the Joshua Tree Tour, we wanted to raise the bar even higher. We wanted a wider screen, in combination with a flying catwalk. At that moment, it simply seemed impossible. The weight limits of the tour’s stadiums would have been exceeded”.
The P10 was constructed especially to minimize weight, at an uttermost high resolution and transparency. Weighing only 10 kg/m2, the design dream became reality.

Carbon fiber 

Frederic Opsomer adds “We think in solutions, for the PURE10, we pushed the technology to the limits of its abilities, doubled the regular width to limit the amount of pieces, and at the same time guaranteeing the highest possible transparency.”

It is fair to say that the PURE10, with its carbon fiber structure, reduced the suspension load of the screen by half in comparison to the technology that had been provided on the previous tour. This change of screen allowed to introduce more features on the catwalk, whilst even reducing the overall weight of the rigg. 

Carbon Fiber had proven to be an excellent choice for the PRG SPACEFRAME™, and its strong, reliable and very light characteristics made it perfect for PURE10 as well. In the future, the structural advantages of carbon fibre compared to aluminum or steel will further be explored. By investing and following up the continuous development, PRG will be able to create custom solutions in a much faster way.


The revolutionary low weight of PURE10, combined with the smart stacking in custom designed dollies, saves space. That leads to an optimization in transport and reduction of the green imprint.

“In every development we do, we try to solve a green issue. It is actually one of our top 3 questions, together with: ‘are we making a creative solution? ‘and ‘are we allowing designers to propose an innovation to their customers?” explains Opsomer.

Not only it has a positive impact on transport, but we’re also facing limited storage space in most venues.

Stuart Heaney, PRG Crew Chief, is particularly happy about the set-up of PURE10: “The time to set-up the screen, including the interdependencies with other teams involved is 8-9 hours. If we would be solely constructing the screen, everything would be built up even faster, in under 3 hours. Tearing down takes 2.5 hours, and that again is with all integrations being removed.”

Ric Lipson – partner at Stufish – has been in charge of design and architecture for multiple U2 shows. He reflects on the collaboration with PRG: “in this long-standing relationship with PRG, we love how they are always innovative. They come with weird and wonderful ideas and make them happen”.

The PRG SPACEFRAME™ allowed the enormous screens of last year’s tour Joshua Tree Tour to resist wind loads. For Beyoncé’s and Jay Z’s tour there was even a moving element added, allowing the screens to open and close, despite weather conditions. PRG SPACEFRAME™ is also used in this year’s design and PRG Projects is already looking at the future: With PRG SPACEFRAME™ we incorporated structural elements into the video screens. We are now experimenting to do the same with lighting, automation and other combinations. The PRG SPACEFRAME™ technology definitely has a lot of yet unveiled opportunities.

Live Design Magazine has named PRG Projects’ PURE10 as the best LED Screen for this year's 2018 Video and Projection Product awards!

It was chosen by a panel of prestigious video/projection designers and programmers, from amongst a field of our esteemed peers. PRG is so proud of the talented team that made this innovative technology a reality.

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07/09/2018 Festivals

Die Toten Hosen: Laune der Natour 2018 – PRG provides curved LED solution

For more than 35 years, Die Toten Hosen have been one of most successful German bands.

The tour that includes more than 50 mostly sold-out concerts and attracts five-digit numbers of visitors each, started in November 2017.

PRG provides a curved MC-18 LED wall in the back of the stage. This hanging special construction is curved by 9 degrees and consists of 364 modules which are interlocked with specially designed angles. Additionally, two side-screens are assembled with an MC-7.

“Using as special construction for the curved central screens saves a lot of time compared to the usual tightening method.” Tom Clauder (Project Manager Mobile LED Screen, PRG) explains. 

The MC-18 is a semipermeable hybrid wall (consisting of a SMD LED wall and a wall with LED spots) lets moving lights and lamps shine through the wall from behind thereby creating impressive light effects.

Furthermore, PRG provides two MC-7 delay screens for the big open-air concerts in order “to give even those spectators standing 100m away from the stage the impression to be very close to the artist”, explains Felix Wohler (On-Site-Manager PRG). Projecting different live images onto several walls at the same time create proximity to the events on the stage.

The pure size of the site proved to be a true challenge: 
To prevent offset between the events on stage and the projection onto the LED screens, 250 – 300m cable connections must run on glass simultaneously on some sites, Wohler specifies. Hundreds of thousands thrilled spectators cannot be wrong: this challenge has been overcome brilliantly.

The German part of the tour will come to its crowning finale with two (of course sold-out) shows in Düsseldorf, home to the punk band, in October. PRG is thrilled to be part of it and says thank you to everyone involved.


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Tollwood-Festival 2018
30/08/2018 Festivals

30 years of Tollwood Festival in Munich: full service for anniversary celebration by PRG

For the last three decades, the semi-annual cultural and environmental festival Tollwood has been an integral part of Munich’s calendar of events. In fact, it is now the second biggest event in Munich, outnumbered only by Oktoberfest.

PRG has been part of it from the very beginning. The anniversary of the four-week festival took place under the motto „30 Jahre Miteinander“ (“30 years of coexistence”). More than 450 performances on 12 stages, the “Markt der Ideen“ (“Market of ideas”) with 220 international crafts people as well as 55 organic-certified food stands and beer gardens at Olympiapark festival grounds attracted 880,000 visitors.

Being a full-service provider, PRG was in charge of all event technology again: light, sound and video technology as well as rigging and stage construction.

On the occasion of this year’s anniversary, “Carmina Burana“ by Munich composer Carl Orff was performed in a production by the legendary Catalan action theatrical group “La Fura dels Baus“ as a special present for the visitors. Rigging at the open-air stage at Olympiasee which was specifically built for the occasion proved to be a special challenge: large spans and high wind pressure required complex structural calculations. The efforts were rewarded though, so the famous scenic cantata was performed twice on stage, delighting tens of thousands of spectators.

Sustainability has always been an important part of the festival: “We set a high value on energy-saving lights. For instance light chains: they are very important for the cozy atmosphere of beer gardens and instead of using classic lightbulbs, we used 2,500 led lights in total. This backs Tollwood’s ecologic requirements.” PRG’s Senior Account Manager Uwe Seemann explains.

Noise emissions were borne in mind as well: after all the festival takes place in the city center. Thereby, guests could listen to music by national and international stars (e.g. Hollywood Vampires, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Marteria, Billy Idol, Earth, Wind & Fire, Alanis Morissette, Konstantin Wecker, Jack Johnson), while the directed signal of the audio system prevented acoustic irradiation of the neighborhoods nearby. The Half Moon Bar offered 500 silent disco headphones free of charge, so guests could dance every day till 1am without bothering residents.

“It is a very, very pleasant cooperation and you can always rely on the fact, that it will turn out well. Festivals never work out the way they are supposed to, so you must be flexible and sometimes find unconventional solutions. Our cooperation is amazing. They are just part of the Tollwood family”, said Christiane Stenzel, spokesperson of Tollwood GmbH about the cooperation between Tollwood and PRG.

PRG says we are thankful for our long trusting relationship with Tollwood and congratulate the organisers on a successful anniversary event. We are looking forward to Tollwood Winterfestival (23.11. – 31.12.2018).

Photos: Sandra Sommerkamp

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PRG and VER emerge as one integrated company in Europe & The Middle East

PRG announced today that VER has merged into Production Resource Group in Europe and the Middle East.

The entities will be commonly controlled by The Jordan Company, GSO Capital Partners and PRG Management. Jere Harris will serve as Chairman and CEO of PRG and VER, and Stephan Paridaen will be President and COO. Both companies will offer the ability to share equipment, knowledge and personnel wherever doing so will benefit its customers and meet evolving client needs, offer solutions, resources and expertise in ways neither company could achieve independently.

“For more than 20 years PRG has been diligent in offering its clients the best production service and equipment in the entertainment industry. Growth across disciplines, markets and geographies has always been a key part of our strategy,” said Jere Harris, PRG’s chairman and CEO. “Now, our ability to support all types of entertainment productions globally will take on new meaning, raising an already high bar to an unprecedented level.”

PRG and VER are both well established in concert touring in lighting, video, media servers, and staging innovations. Combining PRG and VER’s strength will now offer a complete suite of services for tours, festivals, and events. Further, PRG can enhance its long history in television production and expand its work in the film industry as VER brings world-class expertise in the video camera market, lighting, display and a robust suite of cameras. VER customers will benefit from PRG’s staging and automation expertise, vast lighting inventory and its position as the exclusive rental house for PRG’s patented proprietary lighting and video products.

“We believe that this approach will bring about innovation, an exciting level of service, and even more transformative collaboration with our partners. It feels historic, not only for PRG and VER, but for entertainment industry,” said Harris.

Globally, VER and PRG will have approximately 70 locations across six continents. Clients will have improved access to an extraordinary array of equipment from all major manufacturers as well as specialized and proprietary equipment.

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Car glazier WM
17/08/2018 eSport / Special Events

Taking on PUBG's eSports Battlegrounds! – Event Technology for eSports

PUBG’s e-sports Battlegrounds are conquering Berlin: the world’s 20 best PUBG teams were competing for 2M dollar prize money at the Global Invitational Meeting 2018 in Mercedes-Benz-Arena Berlin from July 25th-29th. Despite only having been published in December 2017, the game has already gained a huge fan base: the tournament was commented live in four different languages and streamed online which attracted up to 60M spectators at the same time. PRG provided all the event technology (rigging, static calculation, sound, video and lighting technology), including related video processing components.

See our video: 

”At this event, the spectators expect to become part of the game”, says Ingo Rehnert, Head of Sales & Account Management – Sport & Special Events at PRG. Players and fans want to experience what happens on the stage ”as emotionally and directly as possible”. To facilitate this, a cube-shaped LED screen was installed above the stage in the arena’s center where the teams were competing. More than 1,300 lights and 680m² LED screens were installed in only three days.



2.600m² projection screen fabric cylindrically veiled the circular stage construction with the gamer zone for the barnstorming opening ceremony. PRG provided the kinetics that enabled the movement of the projection cylinder. 48 Panasonic PT-RZ31K laser projectors displayed the video content onto the cylinder (360°) as well as onto parts of the stage floor. For the mind-blowing finale of the opening ceremony, the projection cylinder was pulled up as part of the show revealing the team boxes.

“This is one of the points why we do shows with PRG: the lights, the audio, the video and everything else is going to behave and look exactly the same as visualized and planned in the studio beforehand”, says Michael Thuney, Producer at Production Associates. “We do shows all around the world and PRG has been working with us all along.”

Just like Michael, we are happy about the fantastic success and thank him and his team for the great cooperation at this amazing event!

In total, about 300MT material were used. The event was realized using the following technical items:

Rigging Services

  • 331 x Chain-hoists
  • 20 x BGV C1 hoists
  • 82m Catwalk-truss
  • 1,226m Truss 

Lighting Services

  • 144 x LED Strobelights
  • 1204 x Moving Lights:
    – 610 x Moving Light Beam
    – 90 x Moving Light Spot
    – 20 x Moving Light Wash
    – 484 x Moving Light LED

Video Services

  • 580qm2 5mm LED Wall 
  • 100qm2 2mm LED Wall
  • 50 x Laser Projectors

Audio Services

  • 60 x Line Array Speaker
  • 20 x Subs


  • 30 x 40t Trailers

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Car glazier WM
15/07/2018 Automotive Event

Best of Belron - Best Technology for the World Cup of the Car Glass Repairs 2018

Focused jurors, finalists competing for the title and an expert audience following the competition closely: This was the ‚Best of Belron‘ at the ‘Festhalle’ in Frankfurt. The event aimed to find the best fitter and glass repairing professional of Belron International (CARGLASS®).

PRG was in charge of the lighting, audio, video and rigging and staged this event according to an ingenious concept by Uniplan – watch our behind the scenes video:

Felix Börner (Uniplan – Director Hamburg Office): “Our and PRG’s biggest challenge was the immense size of the venue (almost 20,000 m²). Furthermore, the time frame for the set-up and the dismantling were both extremely short and an alteration had to be conducted on the last day. We needed an experienced partner striving for perfection, just like we do at Uniplan, to put everything into balance and are thrilled to have succeeded together with PRG.”

The participants of the competition were welcomed frenetically by about 1,000 guests from all over the world at the opening event.

The LED tubes above the competition workshops creating the typical workshop neon-atmosphere were a special highlight and were customized for Uniplan by PRG Projects. The LED tubes, of a length of 3m were controllable down to the pixel via media server and therefore offered a variety of effects that blended in seamlessly into the different scenarios during the event.

A conference took place simultaneously in an adjacent exhibition hall, during which the audience could learn about interesting topics, e.g. the latest developments in the industry. The complete conference technology was provided by PRG as well. Fohhn Audio A provided a new sound system which, due to an elaborated technology, resulted in a wide spread broadcast and therefore sparing the utilization of delay lines.

The event went over two days and ended up with the honors of the new world champion, followed by a gala dinner and a party with live music.

Robert Sterke (Global Sales Development Director at Belron):: The way people worked together was just fabulous, like clockworks! Since we have to consider so many elements during the event ourselves, we are happy to work with partners that give us the insurance of having everything under control and that everything works perfectly. One worry less for us!“

We thank Uniplan and Belron for their trust in PRG and our fantastic collaboration!


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PRG Announces New Concert Touring Innovations

Updated PRG SPACEFRAME™ and new Ingest product on Beyonce and Jay-Z’s “On the Run II” Tour

LONDON and LOS ANGELES – July 9, 2018 - Production Resource Group LLC, (PRG), the world’s leading provider of entertainment and event technology solutions, announces two product innovations – Infinity SPACEFRAME™ and Ingest – which are supporting Beyonce and Jay-Z's "On the Run II" Tour. The new Infinity SPACEFRAME which serves as a kinetic backdrop on stage and Ingest, a new technology that archives camera images created on tour, are industry firsts.

PRG SPACEFRAME is an innovative carbon fiber touring frame created by PRG Projects, a division of PRG which specializes in developing and integrating proprietary solutions to the rigors of the production and entertainment industry. It was launched on 2017’s U2’s “Joshua Tree” Tour and “On the Run II” is the second concert tour to feature the product. For this tour, Stufish (the designers of both “Joshua” Tree and “On the Run II” tours) wanted to have a clean look, visually eliminating all support structures and rigging. To do that, PRG Projects came up with a solution called “Infinity SPACEFRAME” where the rigging and support structure are integrated on the back of the SPACEFRAME, invisible from audience view. Video content on the screen is now edge-to-edge without visual barriers as a classic screen would have. It gives it a monumental look and creates a new type of immersive viewing experience. The Infinity SPACEFRAME makes the most of the PRG SPACEFRAME concept by utilizing the structural capabilities of the video screen as part of the automated tracking support. It ultimately saves truckloads of additional support structure.
“Designing custom LED and video solutions for live events is a core part of what PRG Projects does. Beyond what we develop for PRG, we work directly with designers to create unique staging solutions that allow them and performers to be as creative as possible,” said Frederic Opsomer, managing director, PRG Projects. “We are constantly thinking of what is next, how do we improve on what we’ve already done. The new Infinity SPACEFRAME allows for moveable LED screens in an operational effective set up which aids the dynamic energy Beyonce, Jay-Z and other performers create during the show.”

The stage design for “On the Run II” Tour includes two LED screens with SPACEFRAME. The secondary – or upstage – screen is a 16,8-meter-wide and 10,8-meter-high screen (55 feet x 35.4 feet) with ROE’s CB8 LED. The bottom section of the upstage screen is automated with three SPACEFRAME panels that open like garage doors, enabling the musicians’ rolling risers to enter and exit the main stage. The upstage screen stands behind a four-tiered opera box style performer platform. The main - or downstage - screen is divided into 12 automated sections. This allows for different dramatic scenes and settings and provides Beyonce and Jay-Z different entry and exit scenarios. The new Infinity SPACEFRAME screen, with GALAXIA’s WV9 air transparent LED, measures 52,8-meter-wide and 13,2-meter-high (173.2 feet x 43.3 feet) when closed and hangs on motorized carts that move left and right on a track. The carbon fiber fabrication and built-in wind bracing provides the stability that structural engineers demand in order to have a screen of this size move around on a track.
“There is currently no other framing system that can do this, it’s a perfect example of designers really pushing the product to the limits and having free reign for their ideas. A symbiosis rarely seen in our industry,” said Opsomer.

“On the Run II” Tour is also implementing PRG Ingest. Ingest is a new technology that allows the capture of concert footage in real time from up to 24 isolated camera feeds. Each camera feed - or channel – will be ingested in the server, processed, and via the network pushed to an external storage drive.

Traditionally, footage from a single camera is captured on a single recorder, then after a show, each file on the drive is copied over to a separate hard drive. This is an intensive process that can take many hours as the transfer can take up to one hour per camera.

“With the Ingest system, we can create a show record on an external drive of all channels in nearly real-time and still have a back-up copy on the server should anything go wrong,” said Wolfgang Schram, director of video engineering, PRG. “The servers also get time coded, so all recordings have real time and can be used in an edit right away.”

In order to handle the 6.2 TB of data that “On the Run II” Tour generates per night, PRG uses six media servers which make copies of what is recorded, transcode it to a pro res 422 file and push it over a 10GigE network on an external NAS drive.

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PRG’s New Concert Touring Products on U2’s eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour

PRG’s New Concert Touring Products on U2’s eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour

Pure10 and Rolling Video Floor Risers elevate the touring industry

LOS ANGELES – May 14, 2018 – Production Resource Group LLC, (PRG), the world’s leading provider of entertainment and event technology solutions, announces two product innovations - Pure10 and Rolling Video Floor Risers - which have been integrated into the design, production and operations for the U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour. Both solutions demonstrate PRG’s dedication to innovating products that respond to the needs of artists, tour designers and managers seeking to push boundaries and deliver a more immersive concert experience.

“PRG has supported every U2 tour since 1992, and they always challenge us to be innovative with available technology or to create something new,” said Jeroen Hallaert, director of PRG Projects North America.

U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour is a follow up to the 2015 Songs for Innocence Tour for which PRG provided the video cage on the moving catwalk between the video screens. However, for the 2018 tour, U2’s creative team required high-resolution, super transparent LED video screens and an independent automated kinetic catwalk between the video screens. The purpose of the transparent LED video screens is to allow band members to perform amidst the LED walls (as during the 2015 tour) without creating a visual divide in the arena. It also provided the ability to integrate Augmented Reality into the show.

Further, the design team wanted the catwalk to be accessible by a moving staircase, and therefore the catwalk should move independently from the video screens. This added automated catwalk required more motors and equipment, thus adding weight. This meant PRG Projects had to find a solution to make not only high-resolution, super transparent LED video screens but also make it super light-weight.


In response to U2’s challenge to create a transparent LED wall, PRG Projects revolutionized the way LED screens are built and created the patent-pending Pure10. Rather than mounting the printed circuit boards (PCB) holding the LED in standard clunky frames, PRG Projects sliced the PCB in strips and turned them 90 degrees with the LED mounted on the side. This resulted in 75 percent transparency.

The added specially curated Augmented Reality scene-setter - triggered by the LED screen – required a transparent, high-resolution screen. The way PRG Projects chose to build the screen allowed for a 10mm pixel pitch. A pitch far superior than what PRG Projects initially imagined.

“The creative team and the band were looking for a LED screen that allowed them to use AR in the way they envisioned. Pure10 works so well thanks to the magic combination of the pixel pitch, the high transparency and the brightness,” said Hallaert. “The band now calls the screens and catwalk the barricage.”

Additionally, rather than metal fabrication to house or frame the Pure10, PRG Projects used knowledge gained from developing the SPACEFRAME® and engineered a fast-building system in carbon fiber. This resulted in the weight savings that the tour’s production team was looking for. It also gave free reign to the designers and the band to further use the automated catwalk creatively.

As with the innovative transport design for the SPACEFRAME, PRG Projects has advanced the way concert touring is taken on the road with Pure10 by maximizing space and volume in trucks, airplanes and sea containers. The number of trucks needed is cut in half compared to the 2015 tour. Further, when the equipment is used during the show, empty transport dollies fold, stack and roll away in the tiniest spaces. This allows for other departments to move around the venue more freely and makes for ergonomic and superior logistics for load-ins and load-outs.

Rolling Video Floor Riser

The Rolling Video Floor Riser is a revolutionary system in how it’s built and disassembled. Initially revealed last year, PRG Projects updated and upgraded it for U2 to be used as the round stage. Each riser is fitted with 2 LED modules offering a high resolution 4mm pixel pitch during performances. Each riser has integrated magnets to enable a speedy assembly - an LED Floor of up to 1,076 square feet can be set up in less than 20 minutes.

“The Rolling Video Floor Risers were developed to meet the short set-up and change-over times of LED flooring which is perfect for the concert touring and festival segment,” said Mark O’Herlihy, vice president of PRG Global Entertainment.

Not only do the Rolling Video Floor Risers dramatically reduce the set-up time for an LED floor on stage, they also are transported in especially fitted dollies, which contain six risers each. The dollies are 1.6 m in height, allowing shipment via airfreight on the lower deck, which drastically reduces the shipping costs.

Credits Pictures © Steve Jennings

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Holiday on Ice - The Anniversary Tour

A technical symbiosis of light and video

It is the most visited ice show in the world - Holiday on Ice! This year, the production celebrates its 75th anniversary. "Atlantis" is one of two shows currently touring Germany and France, exciting its audiences with spectacular costumes, great choreography and impressive scenography.

Once again this year, PRG will return to Holiday on Ice’s frozen world and support the show in terms of event technology. In addition to rigging and audio technology, PRG also provides lighting and video technology.

Adam Bassett of Woodroffe Bassett Design is the lighting designer of the show. Among other things, he and his team have worked on the lighting for the Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga and the Olympic Games. Adam Bassett explains what aspects played a role in the implementation of the current tour:
"Whenever we develop projects, it's the interplay between the design and what we have available in terms of budget, equipment and technology to meet the specific design challenges. It was very helpful to work closely together with PRG from the start, trying to find technical solutions to the complexities, within our budget."

One of the technical highlights of this year’s tour are the ten automated Roll-up screens in the middle of the ice rink. For this, PRG uses six Panasonic PT-DZ21K projectors. The Roll-ups are controlled via DMX by the GrandMA2 console. The GrandMa2 console also controls the WO media server to track the different positions during the show. A completely redundant WO system is used as an output.
As a backdrop of the ice rink, we installed a large video projection. Two Barco HD projectors W f 26K project in different depths so that with the help of the WO system, the data is mapped and a 3D effect is created. The projections also emphasize the costumes of the figure skaters and thus create the magical atmosphere of the lost city of Atlantis.

Kjell Peersman, Technical Manager of Holiday on Ice, is delighted with the successful video-technical implementation of the show content:
"We had to find a tailor-made solution to deliver video content on the automated roll-ups. PRG developed a great solution for this, making all boards and media servers communicate with each other. The result is just great! "

In addition to video technology, the lighting has been carefully adapted to the scenario of the show. A total of 40 Icon Edges were used. This moving head is a fast beam, spot and wash luminaire; it contains a wide range of gobos and offers a lot of lighting effects, which benefits the tour.

Bob Walpot, Director of Operations and Asset Strategy PRG, is satisfied with the technical solutions the team has created for the show:
"The combination of these video and lighting elements in synergy with the sumptuous costumes creates a wonderful and immersive show."

Holiday on Ice's Anniversary Tour is also a great success! In total, over 90 shows are performed. Till the end of February, the ice skaters will still enchant the audiences before Atlantis sinks back into the sea.

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PRG launches opening ceremony of Southeast Asian Games 2017

International production team for lighting, video and rigging in the National Stadium of Malaysia

The 29th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games 2017 took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 19th to 30th August 2017. A total of eleven nations, including the host country Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, fought for medals in more than 38 sports in the largest sporting competition in the Southeast Asian region. For the opening ceremony in Bukit Jalil, the event management service provider Memories Entertainment had extensive support from PRG.

Production Resource Group (PRG) was responsible for the Rigging, Lighting and Video as part of the large event in Malaysia's national stadium. This was a joint effort between PRG Germany, PRG Belgium, PRG Projects, PRG Gearhouse and PRG Japan, with the support of the PRG Alliance partner "The Show Company”. PRG Germany supplied the complete rigging and lighting technology, PRG Belgium the Video Technology and PRG Projects around 40,000 Pixel Tablets, which were developed in 2012 especially for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Games in London. The team of PRG Gearhouse and PRG Japan supported the colleagues with event technology and manpower.

In addition to the 40,000 Pixel Tablets, the event technology package included 88 Panasonic video projectors, five D3 media servers, around 800 Moving Lights from PRG, Vari-Lite, Clay Paky and GLP, 250 SGM Q7 LED floodlights, as well as a grandMA2 system.

The international PRG team comprised 43 people from Germany, Belgium, France, England, Spain and Dubai. In addition, 12 event students from Singapore worked as followspot operators during the live broadcast on TV and Internet. Despite the hot temperatures, the extreme humidity in Kuala Lumpur as well as the tight production time window, including constantly revised directories, PRG, in cooperation with other service providers, ensured a flawless and smooth running of the opening ceremony of the SEA Games 2017.

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EDM Festival "Nature One" Puts the Audience in the Center

56,000 music fans, 100 hectares of camping grounds, 350 DJs and four days of beats, bass and applause – the result is EDM Festival "Nature One". This year once again, visitors were able to celebrate three days watching various stages at one of the biggest electronic dance festivals in Europe.

Before the 23 floors were opened for the crowd on 4th August, a large team of technicians put in five days of hard work. PRG was commissioned by the client i-Motion GmbH to set up the OpenAirFloor, the largest floor of the festival. PRG Account Manager Jan Sander and his team were responsible for the rigging and installation of lighting, video and sound technology. And the stage was also built by the PRG crew.


At a festival usually the stage is the main focus, but not at Nature One 2017. On the OpenAirFloor, a large part of the technology was designed in such a way that the audience played a central role. Lighting designer Thomas Gerdon explains: "What makes the lighting design special here is that we do not have a stage with a lighting system like a normal Rock'n'Roll Festival, but the lighting system is mainly above the people - so it is a floor concept and no real stage concept."

Also for Jan Sander (PRG Account Manager), this was an extraordinary show, which he set up with his team of technicians: "The audience was offered a great choreographed show, with top DJs and a full multi-media show behind it. Great lasers and spectacular pyro effects were used as well."

The PRG team needed 280 man days, spread over five days of construction and rehearsal time.

The lighting show used mostly moving lights and LED fixtures. 34 Icon Beams were used as stage lighting, with 48 SGM Sixpack and 52 SGM Q-7 and 24 SGM Q7-W. Additional lighting technology that was used included: 124 GLP GT-1, as LED strobe light, 108 GLP X4 L and 48 GLP JDC-1.

For the right beats and bass the PRG team installed on the OpenAirFloor 24 x Meyer Sound Melody, 32 x Meyer Sound Mica, 16 x Meyer Sound Milo and 32 x Meyer Sound 700 HP. The customer's request was that a special sound performance should be generated in the bass range. The bass was set up accordingly in a certain formation so that the kick and sub bass could be optimally reproduced.

From the FoH (Front of House) the show was controlled by three Grand MA 2 Fullsize, 2 GrandMA Light and 14 Grand MA 2 NPUs. These also triggered the media servers, lasers and pyro effects.

The video technology of the large OpenAir stage was also integrated into the overall concept. Among others, P30 LED panels covered an area of 160 square meters, as well as ROE MC7-HB modules installed as a 30 square meter DJ booth. The entire technology was attached to almost 1,000 meters of truss.


Despite the difficult weather conditions - there were storms, thunderstorms, rain and sun - the technology worked perfectly. Thomas Gerdon added: "From Thursday evening to Sunday morning, not one lighting fixture had to be exchanged. This is extraordinary in such weather conditions and speaks for the top quality of the material and a very good installation."

The Electronic Dance Festival (EDM) “Nature One” was a success once again in 2017. On the former rocket station Pydna there were fireworks, electronic music, lasers, pyro and a multi-media-show.

Lighting designer Thomas Gerdon is delighted about the successful festival and praised the cooperation with PRG: "The advantage of working with PRG is that during pre-planning I can select the best possible lighting equipment from the portfolio because of the size of the company and the size of their inventory. The second big advantage is that the people who work at PRG have great experience when it comes to projects as big as this."

Photos: Ralph Larmann

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