Sports Events

When organising sport events, we are required to consider a very specific set of priorities. With lots of movement, huge playing fields, constantly changing weather conditions and a worldwide audience - it's not just the athletes who push their limits. Our sports-experienced team know the challenges that decide between victory and defeat at every sporting event, and look forward to a new challenge every time. You can rely on our know-how in sports.

Please read more about our strengths in facilitating sports events and browse our references here.


Looking back: European Championships 2022 in Munich


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Rene Rarrel PRG AustriaRené Rarrel

Expert for sports events

Telefon: +43 699 143 30 063

Public Events
Public Events

PRG's public event services:
All information

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eSports Events
eSport Live -Event Gaming

PRG Services for eSports events: Discover Now

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Major Events
Major events and opening ceremonies

Our services for Major events and opening ceremonies

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Rent LED Trucks & Trailers
LED-Truck Outdoor Event Formel E Berlin

LED displays from 15 m² to 80 m²

All technical details about our LED trucks and trailers.

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Five FiftyFive
PRG is Partner of the Five FiftyFive Sportbusiness Call

Five FiftyFive – The Sports Business Talk

Learn more about 5:55!

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Research & Development
PRG: Entwicklung, Forschung und Produktion von Veranstaltungstechnik

PRG Proprietary Products

PRG has been developing event technology for over 30 years.

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Production Resource Group AG
PRG - Production Resource Group AG, Full-service provider for events and event technology

About PRG

Learn more about our history and which philosophy we represent.

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