PRG Services in Response to COVID-19

Explore our policies and solutions for production in the new landscape.

Safety & Sanitization
Facility Protocols (Updated 08/07/2020)
Onsite Guidelines (Updated 06/26/2020)

Livestreaming/Virtual Conferencing  (Updated 8/11/2020)
At Home Livestreaming Kits Sheet (Updated 4/07/2020)
Livestreaming Packages One Sheet (Updated 04/07/2020)

PRG Digital Studios 
PRG Digital Studios (Updated 09/24/2020)
xR Stage (Updated 10/02/2020)
xR Stage- Completely Scalable Extended Reality Solution (Updated 10/02/2020) 

Drive-In Experiences
Drive-In Experiences (Updated 06/26/2020)

Emergency Response Services
Emergency Response Services One Sheet (Updated 4/07/2020)
Emergency Response Services (Updated 4/03/2020)

Adaptive Offerings
SmartXcan Temperature Solution (Updated 6/03/2020)
SmartXcan (cut sheet) (Updated 6/06/2020)
Basic Face Shields (cut sheet) (Updated 4/16/2020)
Electronic News Gathering Services (Updated 4/07/2020)
Laptop Rental for Remote Work, Education and IT (Updated 4/07/2020)

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