Los Angeles Studio

Our Virtual Production Studio in Los Angeles features the most advanced independent in-camera visual effects volume stage with a curved LED wall, LED floor, mobile LED walls and an automated LED ceiling. It has hosted a range of productions including feature films, scripted TV, award shows, corporate events, music videos, livestreamed concerts and commercial shoots. Services include AR/xR capabilities, a separate green screen studio, Enhanced Environments car process and L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology. Restrooms, separate kitchenettes, talent dressing rooms, production overflow space, and flexible workstations are available to accommodate large crews and productions. Watch our sizzle video to see work we’ve helped produce.

For studio productions in offsite locations, PRG’s Virtual Frontier mobile production unit can be configured to provide high output screens control or virtual production support to any North American location.

Venue Features

15,700 sq. ft of customizable studio space with MERV13 filtration
- Private controlled entrance with temperature scan
- On-site parking and cleaning services
Green rooms, catering space and production offices
Flexible work zones

Stage Features

4,390 sq. ft of HVAC controlled customizable studio space
- Pre-rigged green screen flexible studio
- 105° curved LED Wall: 2.8MM Pixel Pitch / 18’ H x 50’ W
- LED Floor: 4.8MM Pixel Pitch / 26’ D x 50’ W
2x Mobile LED Wall on carts: 2.8MM Pixel Pitch
Fully Automated LED Ceiling: 5.7MM Pixel Pitch Fully equipped lighting rig with automated fixtures and traditional film lights
Synchronized processor system to drive content to the wall in a pixel-accurate way while conforming to ACES color standards
Frame remapping technology

Agnostic playback systems for 2D playback and more advanced real time 3D rendering
10’ X 10’ Elephant door opening
Separate control rooms

Email LAdigitalstudios@prg.com for pricing and availability. 

Address: 1245 Aviation Place San Fernando, CA 91340


Studio Site Plan and Drawings
Studio Info Sheet

Our Partner Offerings

All of it Now

Our in-house partner All of it Now is a creative agency capable of creating photorealistic environments and stylized sets, including real-time rendering techniques which allow for performer interaction and camera responsiveness without a lengthy post production process.


The professional sound leader’s L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound Technology enables artists to create and deliver multi-dimensional sound for live and recorded productions of any scale. This advanced audio technology pairs with PRG's extended reality setup to offer an array of tools for multi-sensory immersive experiences.


Perfect for use with our Enhanced Environments, Mo-Sys Cinematic XR Focus allows for the seamless focus pull from real foreground objects to virtual assets placed deep within the scene – that would appear to be positioned behind the LED wall. This is achieved using the same wireless lens control system already in use today. Mo-Sys VP Pro XR is a pre-configured, multi-node nDisplay XR server system, designed specifically for final pixel XR shooting for cinematic projects. NearTime is Mo-Sys' patent-pending and HPA Engineering award-winning solution for solving real-time VFX virtual production image quality.


Ncam Reality is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ hybrid camera tracking solution for all XR & VP scenarios, with compatibility for all professional cameras and lenses. This multi-award winning and patented technology combines natural markers, reflective markers and fiducial markers. Ncam has evolved to offer a more rugged, nimble solution. Seamlessly integrated with Unreal Engine, the Ncam Reality system includes the Mk2 Camera Bar, Mk2 Server, and Ncam Reality software all integrated in the custom set cart, which all work together to blend live action and CG content in any indoor or outdoor environment, regardless of camera, lens or rig.


stYpe specializes in camera, talent & object tracking – with flagship product GreenKiller available in our Virtual Production Studio’s green screen space. The product differentiates subtle color nuances on a cyclorama, meaning it can preserve and bring real shadows over to your virtual reality set. stYpe's RedSpy 3.0 offers high precision camera tracking, is winner of the 2022 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards, and is already integrated with PRG’s Virtual Production Studio. StypeLand is a system that makes set extensions with easy and accurate color and camera calibration possible.

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