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PRG GroundControl™ Followspot System

  • GroundControl Followspot System

    Latest Software
    • GroundControl Software Package 2020.01 (v3.21)

    Software Release Notes
    • Software Release Note RFS-007

    • Software Release Note RFS-006

    • Software Release Note RFS-005

    • Software Release Note RFS-004

    • Software Release Note RFS-003

    • Software Release Note RFS-002

    • Software Release Note RFS-001

PRG Series 400® Power and Data Distribution

  • PRG Series 400® Power and Data Distribution

    Latest Software
    • S400 Tools FX v6.0.2 (Mac)

    • S400 Tools FX v6.02 (Windows)

    Software Release Notes
    • S400-012 Software Release Note

Followspot Controller Handle

  • Followspot Controller Handle

    Latest Software
    • Followspot Controller Handle (v2.02)



  • Mbox® Family of Products

    Latest Software
    • Mbox Player v1.3.1

    • Mbox Designer v4.4.2

    • Mbox Studio v4.4.2

    • Mbox Mini v4.4.2

    • Mbox Director v4.4.2

    • Mbox Remote v4.4.2

    Software Release Notes
    • Mbox Player v1.3.1 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v4.4.2 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v4.4.1 Release Notes

    • Mbox Player v1.3 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v4.4 Release Notes

    • Mbox Player v1.2 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v4.3.3 Release Notes

    • Mbox Player v1.1 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v4.3.2 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v4.3.1 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v4.3 Release Notes

    • Mbox Player v1.0.1 Release Notes

    • Mbox Player v1.0 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v4.2.2 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v4.2.1 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v4.2 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v4.1 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v4.0.1 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v3.10 Release Notes

    • Mbox Software v3.9 Release Notes

    Mbox FAQ
    • What if the software I'm looking for isn't here?

      Please contact MboxSupport@prg.com for older versions of Mbox software not listed above.


  • AutoPAR® Wash

    Latest Software
    • AutoPar Wash

  • Bad Boy® HP

    Latest Software
    • Bad Boy v304

    • Bad Boy v302

    Release Notes
    • BAD024 Bad Boy v304 Software Release Notes

    • BAD022 Bad Boy v302 Software Release Notes

  • Best Boy® HP

    Latest Software
    • Best Boy v304

    • Best Boy v303

    • Best Boy v302

    Software Release Notes
    • BST032 Best Boy v304 Software Release Notes

    • BST025 Best Boy v303 Software Release Notes

    • BST024 Best Boy v302 Software Release Notes

  • Best Boy® Wash HP

    Latest Software
    • Best Boy Wash v304

    Software Release Notes
    • Best Boy v304

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