FlexiFest® is a unique system developed by music touring experts to solve production challenges on tours, at festivals and in venues that feature back-to-back bookings by different artists. The system can be safely and efficiently reconfigured, based on artists’ needs.

Touring. With Flexiest installed in multiple venues, the amount of equipment required to move between venues is dramatically reduced.

Festivals. One system is provided for the stage with multiple configurations available to the artist and his creative team. Removes the need for every artist to bring his own system.

Theatres. Venue owners can book acts closer together due to the shortened change over time.


  • Sustainable – fewer buses and trucks traveling from venue to venue in support of one act.
  • Economical – smaller crews are needed to execute changeovers between acts, resulting in lower labor costs.
  • Efficient – rather than dismantling one rig and installing a new one, the system is reconfigured to suit the incoming act.

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