PRG Nocturne® Video Solutions

The V series LED from PRG Nocturne® is designed for use with a quick-deployment touring frame, which allows for fast load-in and efficient disassembly.

Nocturne® joins PRG’s comprehensive suite of video production services. We lead the industry in offering advanced video solutions, proprietary technologies and an unmatched inventory in LED, projectors and media servers.

  • The Nocturne® V-9 features a 9mm pixel pitch and 2,000 NIT brightness and the absence of shaders provides wider viewing angles

  • The Nocturne® V-9 Lite is a light-weight version of the V-9

  • The Nocturne® V-18 features a pixel pitch of 18.66mm and 2,000 NIT brightness

  • The Nocturne® V-28 is a semi-transparent (30%) LED panel with a 28mm pixel pitch and 2,000 NIT brightness

For more information choose one of the resources:

  • Datasheets
    • PRG Nocturne® V-9 LED Video Module

    • PRG Nocturne® V-9 Lite LED Video Module

    • PRG Nocturne® V-18 LED Video Module

    • PRG Nocturne® V-28 LED Video Module

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