Scenic Drop Systems

We engineer a wide range of options for handling soft-goods in portable applications. Whether you're looking for fast release for a reveal, or remote control (via DMX) for cue-based raising/lowering of backdrops, we have a solution that will satisfy your design team.

  • Engineered for touring, PRG's Kabuki Systems come in a variety of styles and have the option of a single or multiple release points.

  • PRG's Roll Downs are a single unit solution for a portable, temporary backdrop for use in every market and designed for rapid installation.

  • Referred to as a "reverse Kabuki" the PRG Sniffer can lift a 80' w x 40' h silk drop in an instant and is engineered to withstand rigorous touring conditions.

For more information choose one of the resources:

  • Manuals
    • PRG Scenic Technologies Kabuki Systems

    • PRG Scenic Technologies Roll Downs

    • PRG Scenic Technologies Sniffer

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