Scenic Platforms and Stages

Our portable stages are designed for touring but are ideal for all markets. They are engineered for fast deployment and efficient transport and they can be easily reconfigured to meet a production's unique requirements.

  • The Rolling Stage is a flexible, portable stage. Perfect for touring, it's quick to assemble and engineered for safety.

  • The SC90 is a durable indoor/outdoor stage system constructed of a patented aluminum extruded frame and reinforced with 1" plywood and aluminum backer.

  • Lightweight aluminum temporary stair structures, the Screamers are used to create additional performance areas above the main stage.

  • Engineered to handle up to 6,000lb, the PRG Drum Platform is an aluminum framed platform with an optional scissor lift.

  • The Relia-Beam is a customizable staging support system that allows users to create tunnels underneath stage decks, for use with PRG's SC90 and Rolling Stages.
  • Our Carts & Dollies are flexible and designed to move staging components quickly and easily.

For more information choose one of the resources:

  • Manuals
    • PRG Scenic Technologies Carts Dollies

    • PRG Scenic Technologies Drum Platforms

    • PRG Scenic Technologies Relia-Beam

    • PRG Scenic Technologies Rolling Stage

    • PRG Scenic Technologies Screamer Platform

    • PRG Scenic Technologies SC90 Stage

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