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Chance Stahlhut
Vice President, Audio

Flexibility, scalability and low distortion make these loudspeakers an indispensable tool for venues from theatres to arenas.

An essential tool for any project where wireless intercom is used.

Expands the digital mixing options available for a broad range of applications, including high end corporate events and concerts.

Troy Boudreaux
Vice President, LED

Designers love the flexibility of these LED string lights, designed for 360-degree viewing.

This powerful screen management system is particularly valuable on large live events that need a high level of flexibility.

Developed to support real-time, generative content, this is a powerful media server solution.

An exceptional 4K UHD monitor that delivers superior picture quality.

Chris Conti
Chief Innovation Officer

High quality optics and superior output make this one of our mostly highly-utilized automated profile fixtures.

A compact and affordable conventional RGBW luminaire with a strong feature set.

Perfect for a wide range of cyclorama, flood and wall washing applications where significant brightness is needed.

A gigabit switch designed specifically for signal routing in entertainment production systems.

Scott Dale
Director, Camera Imaging Systems

This S35 camera, which has all the features of other ARRI digital cameras, was designed for handheld doc style work but can also be configured for studio mode.

This is S35 lens is small and lightweight enough to use handheld with a very good range of focal lengths and a 1.4x Extender.

Featuring extremely fast auto focus and effective face recognition, this camcorder utilizes full frame lenses in FF mode on its 6K sensor, with 4K maximum record.

Allows the DP or Gaffer to take control of the media server supplying content (plate footage for LED walls), including base color temperature and on screen computer generated "lights" for simulating reflections.

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