PRG France, as partner of Lagardère Sports, was selected to deliver all the audiovisual facilities of the Paris Fan Zone for the EURO 2016 football championship.

For the main zone on the grass strip, no fewer than 150 Line-Array Adamson speakers were installed on 12 towers as well as 200 moving lights including PRG BestBoys HP.

Around this central space, 2 concert stages, a media center, pavilions for partners and a VIP area were equipped with sound, lighting and LED and LCD screen were installed for the transmission of the soccer matches. The whole of the site was covered with HF cameras and a control room to share all of the highlights.


The electrical distribution represented a 6MW power recovered from the ERDF network per 3 high-voltage substations and distributed throughout the site.

We also installed a signal distribution network for the sound and the video-feed, which represented several kilometers of optical fiber.

For the opening concert, PRG has equipped the stage with 1000 robotic searchlights (Sharpy, Mythos, Magiqpanel Ayrton, Viper, Q7 ... SGM), 250m2 of video screens of which 3 were suspended horizontally with Kynesis servo-motors, 100 subs for Adamson in order to strengthen the deep tones ...

PRG also insured the technical installation for the Muse concert and the assured host the concert of Muse & the symphony concert on July 14th.

This event represented the equivalent of 3,000 days of work technicians over 3 months.

More pictures and videos

Client : Lagardère Sports – Laurent Moretti
Project Director Lagardère Sport : Thomas Lavenant
Site Managers: Mediadrop – Stéphane Nicolas / Stephane Convert / Stephane Lesvigne / Philippe Colin

Special thanks to Thierry Kra & Laurent Boillot (Account Managers PRG), Antoine D’Halluin (Chief Project Manager), Stéphane Schlatter & Greg Douglas & PG Tomasso (Chief Project Managers Concerts), Théodora Redmond, Mathieu Bruni, Frederic Mougin, Bertrand Taussac, Vincent Merot, Bill Bloquet & Rodolphe Dubreuil (On-site Managers)

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