PRG Chicago is quickly becoming the "go to" company for specialty lighting, LED special effects, video projection, show programming and execution, and effects lighting for feature films, television, and live events. PRG Chicago delivers the best possible service not only in lighting and special effects, but also in video and audio solutions for global live event productions that range from concert tours, weekend festivals, corporate events, live 3D video presentations, and permanent installations.


PRG has an extensive inventory of event audio equipment that is well suited for an indoor or outdoor event of any size. We will staff your production with the live event industry’s best audio designers, engineers, mixers, and technicians. Our team will help design, coordinate, and build an event sound system that meets the audio requirements for your project.

Whatever acoustic conditions are at your venue, PRG not only has the experienced professionals needed to ensure a successful event, but PRG also provides top of the line audio equipment that will play to your specific acoustic requirements.

PRG's event audio system rentals are not just limited to outdoor events. Our skilled event staff combined with our superior audio system equipment rentals provided the Marvel Experience at Lakeside Center in McCormick Place with audio that maximized the sound output to effectively enhance the audience experience. PRG’s extensive resume continues to grow with new solutions such as those provided at the 2015 Democratic National Debates.

Along with skilled, on-site technicians and knowledgeable account executives and project managers, PRG is known for its broad inventory of technologically advanced audio systems. Our Chicago depot is fully equipped to match every sound requirement for your production. Whether you are looking to stage your production in a smaller venue like the various hotels around the greater Chicago area, or in a bigger venue like McCormick Place, located just south of Downtown Chicago, or even at a stadium like the United Center or Soldier Field, PRG will support your production with the highest quality sound equipment.


From conventional lights to automated luminaries, PRG’s lighting equipment will fit your production’s lighting design requirements. PRG offers a variety of event lighting solutions for your production needs. Along with providing the best-known brands in lighting, we have developed proprietary lighting equipment for superior energy efficiency and maximized output.

From lighting local Chicago-area hotels like the Ritz-Carlton at Water Tower Place and the Westin on Michigan Avenue to lighting the stages at local music festivals like Lollapalooza in Grant Park and even to being the chosen lighting provider for Hyundai at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place, our team is thorough when it comes to the event logistics of designing, building, and executing a production.

PRG also has an extensive history of providing set designers on television productions, like Fox’s Empire that is filmed all throughout the Chicago-area, with lighting solutions and hands-on technological support to solve any creative challenges that may arise during filming. Whether you are looking for services for commercials, live television, or scripted television, PRG has comprehensive technologies that will enhance your broadcast needs.

PRG is your partner in the planning and execution of your production. PRG lighting experts along with the lighting technologies offered do not compromise in performance.


PRG has the resources to provide the corporate and special event, exhibit and tradeshow, television and film, and live event markets with video technologies that will ensure your production will be the best equipped at any local venue in the Midwest region.

From one-off event events like the Chicago Auto Show and Detroit Auto Show to weekend-long corporate conferences for Abbott and AbbVie, PRG provides the event production industry with a local team of dedicated account executives, project managers, and event staff that understand the big picture of what it takes to seamlessly execute a successful event. 

PRG video solutions are among the event production industry’s top choices in production support. We have an extensive portfolio of providing innovative video technologies to some of the Midwest’s biggest sporting and special events like NASCAR at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the 2015 NFL Draft at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University.

PRG also provides 24-hour support for all of your event production needs. Our skilled technicians that are staffed your production are trained to assemble complex video systems on a tight timeframe with a quick turnaround.


From large-scale event productions like Lollopalooza in Grant Park to smaller productions like the Volkswagen booth at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show in McCormick Place, PRG’s rigging team and rigging products are available to address your production’s need for structural safety. Our rigging is trusted by clients across the markets and is used for each of the disciplines we offer our services to, such as audio, lighting, video, and scenic.

PRG has the ability to accommodate your event production’s rigging needs with the knowledge from our ETCP-qualified team. Our team of professionals specializes in addressing your production’s technical requirements, while keeping the integrity of your designs in tact.

Our highly-experienced team, coupled with our award-winning purpose-built truss and rigging products like the PRG BAT Truss, offers your production the ability to have creative flexibility and structural safety, while reducing costs in both time and storage.

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