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Dallas, Texas

The PRG Dallas office is the headquarters of the PRG Technology Development Group. We provide technical support, guidance, advice, and technical solutions for the worldwide PRG organization. The Technology Development Group (TDG) is also responsible for innovating new and unique solutions to customers’ problems from custom software and hardware all the way up to the design and production of proprietary products to best serve PRG’s clients’ needs.

PRG Dallas is made up of a group of hardware and software engineers along with technical experts unrivaled in the entertainment production industry, including some of the original inventors of moving lights and controls.

PRG is very proud of the capabilities of its Technology Development Group here in Dallas and feels that this is certainly one of the unique competencies that sets PRG apart from everyone else in the business. The PRG TDG can actually develop a technical solution that allows you to create exactly what you envision. Others can only offer a cheaper price.

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