Drake vs Lil Wayne


For the recent Drake vs. Lil’ Wayne Tour, PRG was back again supporting production designer Guy Pavelo’s vision. His lighting design included vertical towers of PRG BAT Truss with PRG Bad Boy Spot luminaires on either side of the stage and more BAT Trusses with PRG Best Boy Spot luminaires over the stage. Pavelo got massive beam looks out of the rig through his use of the Bad Boy and Best Boy BeamFX pattern wheels. Always ahead of the cutting edge, Pavelo employed six of the new Bad Boy Followspot Controllers for precise coverage of the artists. The controllers allowed him to cue his followspots as he would any automated light. His rig also included PRG Mbox media servers feeding imagery to the massive video walls.

See more photos in a slideshow - Photographs ©2014 Todd Kaplan

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