Duke Dumont at Coachella 2015

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British DJ and Producer, Duke Dumont performed on two Saturday nights at this year’s Coachella festival and PRG was with him all the way from rehearsals through his shows in the Sahara Tent. Production Designer Alex Reardon worked closely with PRG Account Executive Julian Edwards as PRG supplied the lighting and crew in addition to having Dumont rehearse his show at the PRG Los Angeles location prior to loading out to Coachella.

Reardon gives credit to some of his fellow collaborators on this project. “Seth Robinson programmed the living daylights out of it using his proprietary MIDI Ableton rig,” he comments. “Seth programmed 18,000 lx cues in six days! All without breaking a sweat! Roger Staub of Infect Productions provided the video content; he is a masterful fellow. Bill Rahmy was our Production Manager. I also worked with Doug DeBusschere of Total Productions who built the three stations – keyboards, main, and drums; including all of the recessed LED work. In addition to providing us with space to put it all together, program, and rehearse, Julian and provided the lighting, crew, and wrangling that we needed. It was a perfect collaboration of artist, management, vendors, and designers. What an extraordinary evening!”

Edwards worked closely with Head of Global Touring, Three Six Zero Group, Paul Macrae on bringing this production to life. Mark Coleman was the PRG Nocturne Account Executive on the video side for this production. The Lighting Director/Operator was Jason DeBoer; the two PRG Mbox media servers were handled by Mike Hanson; and the crew was headed up by Lighting Crew Chief Nigel Monk and Assistant Crew Chief Wyatt Bartell.

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