Filament Storm part of Vivid Sydney 2014

Filament Storm

Sketch Evolution and its partners, including PRG, used integrated lasers and theatrical illumination technology to transform Sydney’s Skyline into the abstract world of Filament Storm for Vivid Sydney 2014.

Sketch Evolution, a creative and producing company based in Australia led by Charles Coy and William Jensen, worked closely with PRG for the illumination of the buildings and programming of the integrated Filament Storm installation. PRG used their Bad Boy and Best Boy luminaires to saturate the buildings in a colorscape and movement using gobo treatments.

The lighting was all programmed on the PRG V676 Lighting Control Console. For the run of the Vivid 2014 event, the lighting was operated via PRG V476 and V276 Lighting Control Consoles, all networked together with the PRG Virtuoso Nodes. Since this was the rainy season, all of the control, power cabling, and luminaires were weatherproofed for this outdoor event.

In addition to providing the lights and control equipment for Filament Storm, PRG also provided system design, logistics, crew, and support. For the installation, PRG provided 12 technicians to handle the installation over two days; four technicians were onsite for the four nights of programming and testing; and two technicians provided support for the duration of the show.

Filament Storm could be viewed from a variety of vantage points, providing contrasting experiences and interpretations of the show. The storm covered the “dress circle” of buildings in the Circular Quay area of Sydney to become the stage for the installation and the backdrop for Vivid Sydney 2014. The buildings that were lit included the AMP Building, the Circular Quay Ferry Terminals, the Gateway Building, the Marriott Hotel, and the Gold Fields House.

Vivid Sydney, the largest festival of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, drew more than 1.43 million people during this year’s 18-day festival of light, music, and ideas.

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