Check Out the New XL Video Hex Video Panel

XL Video Hex Video Panel

The Hex Video Panel from XL Video was originally created by its specialist division, Projects BE, for the recent European Games in Azerbaijan. So successful and inventive a product solution were the Hex Panels, that they're now being moved into a standard product offering. For the closing ceremony, the creative team from FiveCurrents deployed 500 of the Hex Video Panels that were individually carried by 500 performers. In the Energy of Youth portion of the ceremony, there was a 15-minute segment when the performers carried the Hex Panels and formed different flexible video displays. Now the units are being made available to be used by other divisions of PRG and XL Video as another creative video product for designers' toolboxes. The panels employ Surface Mount Device (SMD) LEDs with a 25mm pixel pitch in a portable panel that a performer or technician carries. They are all controlled via a wireless timecode and get power and data from a controller/battery belt that the performer wears.

The Hex Video Panels are hexagonally-shaped and can be used separately or pulled together to create one large video screen. With a pixel pitch of 25mm, the Hex Panels can be used with or without a diffuser. The benefits of using a diffusion layer is that it is a smooth and homogenized image without pixelation. Without the diffuser, the creative team can get a brighter, yet highly pixelated image.

Each panel comes equipped with an ID display on the back for addressing the Hex Panel along with input connectors if needed for program updates. The unit has handles for the performer to hold the panel; straps so they could wear the panel; and a pad to rest the Hex Panel on their heads.

The Hex Panel measures 25.6” (650mm) across and with the diffuser in place the panel is 4.4” (111mm) deep and 2.75” (70mm) deep without the diffuser. The panels weighs 9.45 lb (4.29 kg) with the diffuser and 9 lb (4 kg) without the diffuser.

For power, the system uses battery belts of either one or two batteries. The operational time with video content playing is 4 hours with one battery and 8 hours with 2 batteries. The single battery belt weighs 5.7 lbs (2.6 kg) and 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg) for the two battery belt. One battery charges in 1.5 hours and the two battery version charges in 2.5 hours. The battery packs have the output connectors to get power and data to the Hex Panels. There are input connectors on the belts for loading batteries and uploading data to the belt.

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