L-Arc-en-Ciels 20th Anniversary at Madison Square Garden


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When the Japanese group L’Arc-en-Ciel became the first Japanese band to headline at New York City’s Madison Square Garden the production team turned to Production Resource Group, LLC (PRG) to provide a complete production solution. PRG provided lighting, video, audio, and staging, as well as technical crew for the international concert event that was simulcast to Japan.

Production Manager Tom Hudak’s decision to partner with PRG was based on two key elements—ability to supply the entire package and in-house expertise across multiple disciplines. “The key production challenge was installing a system that we had never seen before in a limited amount of time,” explained Hudak. “In terms of coordination it was much easier working with one company.”

To ensure a smooth load-in on a tight schedule at Madison Square Garden, PRG provided several of their proprietary products, which are designed to address the challenges of live entertainment events. The L’Arc-en-Ciel show marked the debut of PRG’s Rolling Deck. The portable decks are engineered for rapid deployment and they can be easily repositioned and reconfigured. The design is based on a standard 4-foot x 8-foot (1.22-meter x 2.44-meter) platform. The Rolling Deck system uses quick lock-in legs with heavy-duty casters so the stage can be quickly assembled and rolled into place in the arena. For L’Arc-en-Ciel the mainstage was 48-foot deep x 48-foot wide and it also had an 8-foot deep x 88-foot wide downstage thrust. There were also two 16-foot x 32-foot wings for the backline equipment and the monitor consoles.

Hudak was pleased with the speed of the stage assembly; especially when it went up in even less time than planned. “The new PRG stage was a massive advantage,” he said. “It’s very well engineered and it went together beautifully. They were able to put the whole mainstage up in just over an hour. It was astounding.”

The PRG Rolling Deck system is packed with features that make it both a safe and an efficient staging option. It uses an extruded aluminum frame design with a plywood top over an aluminum skin. This design provides a Class-A fire rating to the deck. All the platforms Roto-Lock from underneath to quickly and easily lock together large stage decks. The sturdy castered legs are available in 4’, 5’, 6’ and 8’ heights so unstable adjustable legs are not needed. And, a heavy-duty threaded-rod leveling feature engineered into the casters allows for precise leveling of the assembled stage deck.

The heavy-duty legs, which easily lock into place with a slip pin that requires no tool, are available in either a straight or bent version. The bent legs provide conflict-free joining of platforms during fast reconfigurations. The platforms are placed on legs fitted with either single, double, or quad mounting pin nodes for joining Rolling Deck sections. This innovative mounting pin node means that extraneous legs are removed from the set-up without compromising safety or stability. This unique leg system also minimizes the crew needed for installation and repositioning. The system also uses diagonal supports, which are all the same length to help avoid time-consuming sorting and to guarantee fast, accurate, and safe assembly.

For the large video walls in the L’Arc en Ciel design, the production chose PRG Nocturne V-28 LED Video Modules for its 28mm resolution, 30% transparency, and easy install. A total of 1,680 V-28 modules were used to create the screens which included two 29-foot wide x 22-foot high downstage LED video walls; a 41-foot wide x 22-foot high center upstage video wall; and two 20-foot wide x 22-foot high upstage side walls. “I was very impressed with the V-28 screens, they just blow the competition away; especially in terms of brightness and how fast they go up,” described Hudak.

Designed for use with a purpose-built quick-deployment touring frame, the V-28’s modular design makes the product lighter and easier to hang, providing rapid install and efficient disassembly. Available in different panel sizes, the PRG Nocturne Touring Frame allows for the creation of customized LED video configurations. Every V-28 LED video module is precisely color calibrated for accurate module-to-module color matching to ensure a superior image every time.

Power and data distribution for the band’s Madison Square Garden concert was managed by the PRG Series 400® Power and Data Distribution System. The Series 400 system saved the production time during load-in as well as significantly reduced the possible points of failure throughout the distribution system by cutting the need for the numerous additional opto-splitters and mergers required in conventional distribution products.

“This was a very high profile show for the band and technically it was quite challenging on such a tight schedule,” said Hudak. “But we made the right decisions, using PRG for the entire production package. Everything was handled well and the production came together the way it was supposed to.”

PRG continued to support the L’Arc-en-Ciel tour on their European and Asian dates.

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