PRG supports Lara Fabian Tour

Lara Fabian

PRG EML Productions is delighted to accompany Belgian-Canadian singer Lara Fabian on an intimate tour that will take her through Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Slovakia and the USA.

Pierre Sarazin, Lara Fabian’s Manager, has chosen work with PRG EML on this tour, stating:

“What defined my choice were the people I get to work with. The fixtures are mostly available everywhere on the market. There is always a lot of pressure in this business, a lot of things are to be done last minute and it’s important for me to work with people I share a certain loyalty and intellectual bond with. We must be able to keep the magic of the show, although there are hard patches from time to time, we always find solutions together. In the past months, I’ve installed a brand new team around Lara. My goal is to keep this team, grow together and give Lara a stable environment, both technically and humanly. I want everything to be perfect before each show so that Lara doesn’t have to care about anything [other] than the songs. Later, for Lara’s return to the bigger scenes, I know I will be able to count on PRG as a worldwide group. I can definitely use the PRG network and rely on the support of other subsidiaries in France, USA, Brazil and so on.“ 

Tour Manager : Pierre Sarazin
Production Manager : Tony Panico
Front of house : Patrick Duim Demoustier
Retour : Igor Dockx
Sound technician : Christophe Desodt
Lighting design : Jan Vuerstaek
Light operator : Joeri Diddens
Light technician : Jeroen Minten

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