PRG and VER supported the record breaking 2018 Latin American Music Awards


The Latin American Music Awards gives millions of fans a voice and a platform to vote within 21 categories including Artist of the Year. On October 25th, popular Latin artists flooded the Dolby Theatre throwing down their absolute best performances. These artists left it all on the stage and left the audience wanting more.

PRG/VER recognizes that each show is carried out under certain constraints, including; budget, time and scope. We were able to provide the Latin AMAs with a variety of high demand gear completely catered to the needs of the production. This one-night event, and the incredible designers and technicians, utilized a rental package of just over 600 products to cover lighting, control and effects. Check out the full crew and gear list below! 

Lighting Team:
Lighting Designer: John Daniels
Set Designer: Rodrigo Proal (Darmah)
LED & Video Vendor: Darmah
Lighting Director / Programmer: Felix Peralta & Kirk Miller
Gaffer: Alex Flores
Lighting Account Executive: Anthony “Looch” Ciampa
Lighting Project Manager: Andrew Sanchez

Latin AMAs Gear List:

108 Chroma Q Color Force II 12”
4 Chroma Q Color Force II 72”
26 Vari-Lite VL5
88 GLP X4 Bar 20
12 GLP X4 Bar 10
77 TMB Solaris Flare
16 TMB Solaris Mozart
55 Robe BMFL Blade
2 Robe BMFL Spot
2 Follow-Me Systems
38 Robe Mega Pointe
8 Portman P2 Hexaline
14 Ayrton Magic Dot
4 Ayrton A.Leda B-Eye K20
16 Ayrton Intellipix R
30 Ayrton Magic Blade R
30 Vari-Lite VL3500 Spot
9 Clay Paky Mythos
24 GLP X4
78 GLP X4s Small
58 Chroma Q Color Block 2 Plus
54 Martin Mac Aura
10 Lycian M2 2.5k Spot Light

2 MA Light GrandMA 2 Full Size Console
1 MA Light GrandMA 2 Lite Console
12 MA Light NPU
7 MA Light 8-port Node
10 ProPlex GBS 8port w/ opticalCON Tac4 OM3

4 ReelFX DF-50 Hazer
2 Martin Jem ZR44 Foger
6 ReelFX Turbo Fan

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