Lighting and Projection For Inaugural Light City Music and Arts Festival In Baltimore


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PRG supported the inaugural Light City Baltimore, a week-long music and arts festival that took place on the inner harbor and surrounding neighborhoods. Working with The Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, we provided all of the lighting support and projection support for over 23 artists' installations. To prepare for the outdoor event, which was meant to spotlight positive happenings in the city and promote international tourism, PRG needed to prepare for the weather as well. Projection screens were securely fastened to deal with the high winds by the water and, to protect the lighting fixtures, PRG's scenic team in New Windsor created custom enclosures for the 120+ lights lining the perimeter of the 2.5 mile art walk path along the harbor.

One of the biggest structures we supported at the Light City Baltimore was "The Beacon", a 16ft cube LED wall sitting atop a 12 ft base. The Beacon served as a visual hub for visitors by displaying schedule and sponsorship information that was easy to spot from a distance. While there were a number of projection installations that we supported at Light City, the Columbus Center's successful art display was a highlight given the challenge of working with its peaked topped pavilion. Come show time, our team was able to get the color intensity and fit of the image along the curved rooftop just right. 

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