Creating An Outdoor Experience Inside a Massive Convention Center for The Masters Horse Jumping Spectacular


Longines 2015, LA Masters
PRG was once again selected to provide full production support for the Longines Masters of Los Angeles Horse Jumping Show. The prestigious event presents some unique challenges, like loading in enough equipment to span 12 football fields and then lifting that out of the way while 60 or 70 dump trucks are brought in to create the 8 inch dirt footing. In addition to the logistics, lighting was a key concern. The horses are used to sunshine and with any shadows or variations of light in the convention center, they may get scared and refuse to jump. PRG’s Brian Edwards and his team worked successfully to create the right effect. In CNN’s coverage of the event, Edwards states that the team had to create just the right light level, one that was intense enough so that the cameras could take the pictures and also an “even field of light without any shadows or variations” so the horses were at ease and able to put on an amazing show.

Longines 2015, LA Maters

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