3.9MM is the Crown Jewel at Miss USA

Miss USA, 2014

XL Video brings the LED punch to the Miss USA show again this year in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Using over 1,655 square feet of Unilumen 3.9mm product, the three sizeable LED walls blended with the traditional scenic pieces to produce a New Orleans-style scenic design as homage to the host state.

By using four HD signal feeds the 3.9mm showed its true potential displaying 4K resolution, which allowed the dynamic content to truly pop off the screen.  The flower covered Mardi Gras floats, twinkling chandeliers, and spinning the Miss Universe content all appeared nearly 3D and could almost be mistaken for actual scenic design pieces when looking at the stage.   “The set was fantastic, due in large part to the incredible state-of-the-art technology XL made available for the show,” shares Donald Trump from the Miss Universe Organization.  

The three LED screens were rigged to hang from truss using the Unilumen hanging brackets specially designed for the 3.9mm product. 

In addition to the 615 tiles, XL also provided four Barco HD-20K projectors and four Barco 4.1 – 6.9:1 high brightness lenses for the front projection house screens that were hung to the right and left of the stage. 

The crew, lead by XL Video veteran John Byrd, provided the superior service that the Miss Universe organization and other clients have come to expect from XL Video.  “Our crew, as always, displayed exemplary service, professionalism, and played part to a much larger production team to help bring to life another beautiful set designed by the Schaffner Stewart group,” praises Bob Magee of his team.  “We are very proud to be considered the go to video vendor for the Miss Universe Organization, and strive to continue this relationship for years to come.”

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Miss USA, 2014

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