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New multi-functional luminaires on display at LDI 2018

LAS VEGAS – OCT. 15, 2018 – Production Resource Group LLC, (PRG), the world’s leading provider of entertainment and event technology solutions, announces two new innovations, SuperRay™ Luminaire and WonderWall. The SuperRay is a compact, hybrid luminaire with extensive features and effects that seamlessly transitions between performing as a Spot, Profile, Wash, Beam or PRG GroundControl™ Luminaire. WonderWall is a scenic modular product; an exciting multi-function, multi-use luminaire descended from the renowned and patent-pending PRG SPACEFRAME™.

With a 19.3-inch fixture body, SuperRay is significantly smaller than previous PRG Luminaires yet has an impressive output of 20,000 lumens. It allows designers to make the most of their limited rig space and do so with a feature-packed, bright, multi-functional fixture that can instantly double as a remote-controlled automated followspot with the combination of PRG’s GroundControl™ Followspot System. Further, SuperRay’s color features includes a CMY mixing system featuring three cross-fading color wheels, a variable CTO wheel with a range of 5600k to 3200k, and one designer color wheel (user-changeable) with six strong color choices selected to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications across production genres.

“The SuperRay is a multi-tool luminaire, combining a huge feature set with a powerful light source and functionality not before seen in a single fixture,” said Chris Conti product manager, PRG. “Unlike many other hybrids, SuperRay has access to all its features regardless of fixture mode, making it the ultimate designer’s tool.”

Key Product Features
• High-resolution optical system with a stunning 20:1 zoom from a very narrow beam of 3° to wide flood of 60° (with precise focus control throughout)
• Four-blade framing system on four planes enabling full field shutter cuts
• Mechanical iris providing continuous beam size control for both rapid and smooth beam size changes
• Fully variable diffusers for multiple wash effects
• Three distinct multiplying prisms for beam effects:
 one 4-facet prism
 one linear 4-facet prism
 one 8-facet prism
• Three independent gobo wheels:
 one rotating gobo wheel (with six rotating, indexing, user replaceable gobos)
 one designer gobo wheel (with seven replaceable gobos)
 one fixed beam gobo wheel with three fixed patterns and a fixed pixel animation range
• Lightning fast strobe with built-in random, pulse, and fan effect macros

The SuperRay’s full range of motion consists of a 540° pan and a 270° tilt and utilizes built-in LCD display with touchscreen menu system. It also integrates with the PRG GroundControl Followspot System.

The creative triangular design of WonderWall offers unique possibilities such as integrating high-resolution LED, lighting fixtures and scenic elements. Integrated in the revolutionary touring frame design of PRG SPACEFRAME™, WonderWall seamlessly incorporates LED panels and scenic elements to provide industry-changing operational efficiencies and the opportunity for unlimited creative expression.

“PRG SPACEFRAME™ can take more than LED, and this is the first step in evolving it from a stand-alone product to developing it into a platform for video, scenic automation and eventually staging,” said Jeroen Hallaert, director of PRG Projects North America. “It can also be integrated as part of a normal video screen, creating a surprise effect to the audience.”

WonderWall is a three-sided hybrid luminaire with ROE CB8 LED on one side, 2 x 4 array of 60W RGBW OSRAM LED on the other and a high-reflective mirror on the third side. Capable of 540° rotation on the tilt axes, the WonderWall can alternate between displaying high-definition video images and 3D volumetric lighting effects or reflect other light sources and laser of the mirrored panels. The 8 mm pitch of the video side offers the perfect balance of 1) definition required to display video media on stage, 2) screen size for enabling full HD, and 3) overall system brightness. It has a revolutionary optical zoom system with a range of 10° to 38°. The front face of WonderWall can be integrated into a modified ROE CB8 panel which offers exciting new possibilities for creating graphical effects.

PRG will be demonstrating these new technologies at the LDI Show in Las Vegas, Oct. 19-21 at VER’s booth #2715 and PRG demo room N252.

Products on display at the VER booth #2715:
• SuperRay Luminaire
• GroundControl family of products, featuring the 4-way Switch, Multi-Fixture
• Award Winning Transparent LED Screen - Pure10
• RH+A Bullet Series 2.0

Products in the PRG demo room N252:
• WonderWall
• PRG GroundControl
• Immersive 30’ PRG SPACEFRAME™ structure
• Mbox
• RH+A: featuring ReNEW-DMX, ReNEW-LD, Bullet Series 2.0 and ReNEW-UV

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