PRG Atlanta's Lighting Product Showcase Offers Private and Open House Demos

PRG GroundControl Followspot System

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PRG invites you to come try out the award-winning PRG GroundControl Followspot System and other proprietary PRG products at the PRG Lighting Product Showcase August 9-10 at our Atlanta location. This showcase will feature a full demo of the PRG GroundControl Followspot System, as well as PRG Best Boy, Bad Boy, and Series 400 products. 

The PRG GroundControl Followspot System won the Live Design 2015-2016 Products of the Year Award for Best New Followspot and is continually getting buzz in major trade journals for its innovative applications. 

The two-day showcase will take place at the PRG Atlanta office at 1053 Willingham Drive, Atlanta, GA. The August 9th showcase is from 1 PM - 4 PM, by appointment only. Please contact Kerry Keenan at to make an appointment for a private demonstration (limited availability). The August 10th showcase is open to the public and runs from 9 AM to 2 PM EST. 

Event Summary: 

PRG Atlanta Lighting Product Showcase 

Demo PRG GroundControl, Best Boy, Bad Boy, and Series 400

August 9th - 1 PM - 4 PM, By Appointment Only; Contact Kerry Keenan

August 10th - 9 AM - 2 PM, Open to the Public

Hosted at the PRG Atlanta location, 1053 Willingham Drive, Atlanta, GA

Recent GroundControl Press: 

GroundControl Wins Live Design 2015-2016 Products of the Year for Best New Followspot

PRG's GroundControl Followspot System - TPI Magazine Feature 

GroundControl on Springsteen's Take Me to the River Tour via Lighting and Sound America - Excerpt: "It can do anything a regular followspot can do, but a lot of those functions also can be controlled by the console operator; for instance, if you want an extremely smooth fade that's insynch across five lights, it can happen in a way that five human operated lights rarely can do in lockstep with one another." Jeff Ravitz, Production Designer for Springsteen

Shakespeare Live! from the RSC with Technical Support from PRG XL Video - Excerpt: "We do not have traditional followspot positions in the auditorium, so this new GroundControl technology, enabled is to include bright spotlights in the production without having any seat-kill. It really helped us achieve the result we wanted without adversely affecting the production." David Tanqueray, Theatre Production Manager for Royal Shakespeare Theatre

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