PRG Case Study: LG at CES 2018


LG's award winning CES exhibit was more than a trade show booth, it was a high-end shopping mall.
Several glass-doored shops with hard ceilings utilized both architectural and theatrical lighting & audio to showcase LG’s latest products.
PRG partnered with Czarnowski and RGB Studio to develop the design solution in a very short window that began only 3 weeks before rigging installation.
LG’s exhibit space was eye-catching and told the story of the company’s connected approach so no product will ever stand alone in its exciting new ecosystem.
Right from the start, the LG CES booth is a visual feast with an OLED canyon directing visitors inside the stand. The walls of the canyon are made from curved OLED panels which demonstrates the versatility of the format. PRG worked with Dolby to provide over 40 channels of surround sound.
The company won over 90 awards, including an Official CES Best TV Product Award and numerous best-of-show honors.

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