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Meet Aaron Shefsky, PRG's Director of Used Equipment Sales and the man behind PRG's ProShop. Looking for new production equipment to fit your budget? Aaron's your guy. Learn how Aaron and his team work to provide PRG's customers with the best possible, professionally maintained production equipment with PRG's Proshop.

PRG: What's your background?

Shefsky: I studied Technical Theatre at Ball State University and interned at Emens Auditorium, where I learned everything I didn't learn in class. After graduating Ball State, I went to work for Kennedy Center in DC and did a 3-month tour for them on the adapted play based on Judy Blum's Superfudge book. Next I went to Six Flags Great America in Illinois to be their Entertainment Supervisor. After that I worked as a Lighting Technician for a lighting company in Illinois as well as a shop manager and asset manager.

I started with PRG in 2010 as an Asset Manager in Chicago and after a year they gave me opportunity to join National Asset Team in Las Vegas. I jumped at chance and moved to Las Vegas in 2012. In 2013 I was promoted to Director of Used Equipment Sales.

PRG: How do items get there? What's the selection process?

Shefsky: It's a simple process, we look at equipment's utilization and age standpoint. We're constantly trying to find equipment that has been with PRG for a few years and make them available to companies, schools, and community theaters that don't have means to purchase brand new equipment. PRG is always refreshing and updating its inventory, so we have plenty of gently used equipment to provide.

PRG: What's the hope?

Shefsky: We hope to refresh inventory and build relationships with clients so they know that PRG is a partner, not just another lighting or AV company. We hope that people understand that just because we are a large company, that doesn't mean we can't help companies and institutions of all sizes.

PRG: What are some PRG ProShop highlights?

Shefsky: We're constantly adding listings and updating the website. We make sure to listen to our customers and find out exactly what equipment they are looking for. If they don't see what they want, they can simply email us and we'll take a look at our global inventory in order to find the best possible solution.

PRG: What do you want people to know?

Shefsky: We try our hardest to sell equipment that is professionally maintained, we'll never sell unreliable products. We host 2-3 live events a year where people can take advantage of discounts and pick up great gear and equipment. We encourage customers to come to our events, inspect our equipment and know what they are getting great equipment before they make a purchase.

PRG: Do you push certain products?

Shefsky: Yes, we highlight certain products on our website and social media weekly. We send email newsletters highlighting our latest product additions as well as upcoming PRG Proshop events.

PRG: What's special about ProShop?

Shefsky: Truly our team members. People are looking for used equipment as an alternative to full priced products. What sets us apart from everyone else is that we have a vast global inventory and a great global team that works with us from all around the world. We have team members in North America, Mexico, UK, Europe and Australia. We do our best to cover everybody and take care of our clients.

PRG: What's the Proshop philosophy?

Shefsky: Providing the best professionally maintained production equipment at affordable pricing. We do our best to sell our customers the best possible solutions!

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