Projection Mapping for Cork Ignite 2015

Projection Mapping in Cork-Shadows sitting

Working with international visual artist Simon Mckeown, PRG XL Video supported the outdoor building projection and mapping system for Cork Ignite, a special arts exhibition which left a huge crowd of onlookers wanting more.

Mckeown was originally invited by the directors of the National Sculpture Factory and Create Ireland to meet with them in Cork to discuss the project. He proposed that they create an outdoor projection event to be held on Culture Night 2015, a national event in which hundreds of art events take place throughout Ireland. With funding from a various partners1 whose collective aim is to showcase the talents of people with disabilities, including artists and performers, McKeown began designing. He worked with a group of participants from COPE Foundation and other disability organizations to create a collaborative work based around stop frame animation, shadow puppetry, artwork, and video.

Work from this workshop directly and indirectly influenced the content created by Mckeown’s team for the Cork Ignite projection onto the College of Commerce at Union Quay in Cork, Ireland. His creative team included Craig McMullen, sound specialist Nigel Crooks, concept artist Kameliya Minkova, Phillip Wray, and David Archibold.

To realize Simon’s idea of creating a building projection on the exterior of Cork College of Commerce, he contacted PRG XL Video Senior Account Manager, Paul Wood who put together the technical specifications for projection and playback.

In Simon’s words “This was a big outdoor project which carried a lot of risk and uncertainty and expectation. The project formed the ambitious centre point to Culture Night Ireland in Cork. It had prestigious support from organizations in Ireland and the UK and was hoped to have a very large audience. Expectations were high and combining this stress with my own exacting standards meant that I could only consider working with PRG XL and Paul and his team… As nearly a quarter of a million lumens hit the College of Commerce I was, and still remain, absolutely certain I made the correct decision. Simply stunning.”

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1Funding for the event came from Teesside University, and Ignite – a partnership of the Arts Council, Arts & Disability Ireland, Cork City Council, Galway City and County Councils, and Mayo County Council, whose collective aim is to showcase the talents of people with disabilities, including artists and performers.

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