Bringing A Big Idea To Life for PTC

PRG Event Production Solutions for PTC

Go behind the scenes with PRG client PTC and our partners to see the challenges involved in bringing a massive and aspect-ratio-challenging 10 feet x 100 feet screen to life for our client's big vision.

When PTC, a global technology provider in software and the Internet of Things (IoT) space set out to plan for their annual global sales meeting, the primary goal was to take their meeting and attendee experience to the “next next next level,” according to Lisa Casello, Sales Enablement Director for PTC. To get the job done, PTC turned to PRG for partnership in delivering 360 production services, which included audio, video, lighting, scenic, labor, as well as custom content creation through PRG’s Media Services division.

With a massive 10’ x 100’ screen as the main visual attraction and conduit to deliver the PTC message, PRG was faced with engineering content and a custom production solution that would meet the unique aspect ratio of the screen.

“Most video in television is 16:9; this is 10:1. So it was being projected onto a screen that was ten feet high by a hundred feet wide.” said Chris Albert, Senior Content Producer, PRG Media Services division. “Everything had to be done in 4K so that when it blew up to this one hundred foot wide by ten foot high screen, it looked crisp and clean.”

PRG and its partners worked alongside PTC through every stage of the production process by taking creative direction provided by PTC and set it to motion on a pixel accurate canvas, creating an immersive and intimate visual experience for the programs attendees.

Commenting on the 360 partnership with PRG, client Doug Hodge, Content Development & Production Manager for PTC, said, “To take our company vision to the next level, you have to find a company that has the ability to do all of it. Not just the production side, but also to be creative and help me collaborate on a new vision to tell the PTC story.”

How will PTC and PRG out-do a heightened attendee experience at next year’s sales kickoff event? “…you guys have your work cut out for you,” said Lisa Casello.

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