Eight Shows to Watch on Quibi


Quibi stands for quick bites, and it’s the new short-form, mobile-focused streaming platform that’s got everyone talking. It just launched this week with curated content from a star-studded lineup. There’s a lot to see, so we’ve curated a list of shows, below. Was our gear on these shows? Yes. Are they objectively awesome? Absolutely! 


May we recommend, in no particular order…


  1. Fierce Queens - Reese Witherspoon narrates a nature show about female animals à la David Attenborough that’s both woke and informative.
  2. Reno 911! - Eleven years after the original run ended, we finally have a reboot of the hilarious cop comedy.
  3. Shape of Pasta - Los Angeles based pasta chef Evan Funke treks all over Italy to learn pasta-making from old Italian women - something that feels both unattainable and aspirational in this current moment.
  4. Gone Mental with Lior - Mentalist Lior Suchard reads minds and gets celebrity guests to participate in illusion-based tasks and challenges.
  5. Murder House Flip - A homicide to home decor series, for those who love true crime and a home makeover.
  6. Thanks A Million - Jennifer Lopez’s series follows A-listers gifting regular people $100k with the stipulation that they give half of it away to someone else - it’s a charitable chain-reaction!
  7. Punk’d - MTV’s hit prank show in short form, hosted by Chance the Rapper. Spoiler: he’s having a ball.
  8. Chrissy’s Court - Model, Twitter comedian, and wife of John Legend: Chrissy Tiegen adds a surprising new role to her resume. She’s giving us Judge Judy, but charming and sassy as ever in this courtroom drama.


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