Learn More About the PRG ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly

Learn More About the PRG ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly

With the ReNEW Take & Try DIY Demo Program, users can try the unit in their venue for up to two weeks.

Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG) announces the PRG RH+A ReNEW™ Take & Try DIY Demo Program. This program lets users request a ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly be sent to them to try for a two week period. This program allows them to work with this innovative LED light engine unit and to really get a feel for the ReNEW’s ease of use, the cost savings, efficiency of the unit, and all of the features and benefits of the ReNEW.

The ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly is an LED light engine designed to work with the lens tube and shutter assembly of the Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC®) Source Four® ellipsoidal. By swapping out the tungsten light source and reflector assembly of the Source Four with the ReNEW, users can cut their energy and HVAC costs by 67% while producing more output than that of a 575W HPL lamp. The ReNEW produces over 8,200 lumens of output, comparable to a Source Four ellipsoidal with a 575-watt HPL tungsten lamp, while drawing just 190-watts.

The unit works with all ETC Source Four lens tubes and all accessories. Two fixed color temperatures are available—ReNEW Tungsten with a 3,000K color temperature; and ReNEW Daylight with a 5,700K color temperature. The ReNEW can be operated with one, two, or three channels of DMX control or operated in standalone operation without DMX.

With the ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly, customers can replace their 575W HPL tungsten lamps and take advantage of these benefits:

•     A 67% reduction in power and HVAC consumption

•     With no relamping needed, it significantly reduces maintenance costs

•     Output that exceeds the output of a 575W tungsten HPL lamp

•     Takes less than 60 seconds to swap out to an LED light engine

•     DMX or standalone operation

•     Keep all of your existing Source Four lens tubes and accessories

•     Cost effective price without sacrificing output

To get started, head over to the ReNEW page on the PRG website (www.prg.com/renew.) Fill out the request for demonstration information and choose their preferred dealer. Along with the ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly, we send a ReNEW quick start guide along with a demo kit with a gobo and a step by step shoot-out guide. After the trial period, they can return the unit or buy it from their local dealer.

With ReNEW, you don’t have to sacrifice output when switching from a tungsten to an LED source. ReNEW your rig; don't replace it.

For more information about PRG, please go to: www.prg.com.

Source Four® and ETC® are Registered Trademarks of Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.

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