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6/26/2014 Projects
Media Servers for Lighting Programmers

Starting to pull together your summer reading selections? Be sure to include Media Servers for Lighting Programmers, A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Digital Lighting. Written by Las Vegas-based PRG Product Specialist Vickie Claiborne, long known for her insightful Video Digerati column for PLSN magazine, has now published her first book. With the Focal Press publication of Media Servers for Lighting Programmers, Claiborne offers a depth of technical support and expertise in all areas of lighting, video, and digital media products in an informative and instructive manner.

She has created a ‘go to’ resource reference guide for lighting programmers who are starting to work with media servers for control of video, audio, lighting, and projection content. As lighting and video have converged in recent years in all forms of production—concerts, television, theatre, corporate events, etc—and lighting designers and programmers are often called upon to control portions, if not all of the video found in most production designs today, her book could not be more timely. She offers background, a little history, and then delves deeply into the area between lighting and video.

Grounded in Claiborne’s extensive knowledge and experience, the book is written in an easy to read style without over simplification. The book contains a wealth of information on working effectively with media servers. It includes useful related terminology, descriptions, and more advanced topics like setting up a console for use with a media server, patching a media server on a lighting console, and accessing the features of the media server via a lighting console or remote control software.

Having started as a lighting designer and programmer in the early 90s, Claiborne understands the relationship and nuances between lighting and video control. That extensive knowledge in both areas make her well suited to helping bridge them. At PRG, she daily offers technical support and expertise in all areas of lighting and video design and programming. Well respected in the entertainment technology industry, she often speaks at LDI and provides training for a wide variety of groups including the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE).

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