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Attendees at the LDI 2014 show in Las Vegas found a range of new lighting products from Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG) that were all developed to provide practical yet innovative solutions to the challenges of live event production. PRG understands that true innovation must enable producers, designers, and technicians to ‘work smarter’ – to accomplish more, with greater efficiency, at lower costs. Those visiting booth #2137 over the next three days will be among the first to see the true ‘work smarter’ solutions on offer from PRG.

Quickly becoming a hot topic on the exhibit floor after its unveiling is the PRG RH+A ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly. This LED light engine is designed to work with the Electronic Theatre Control (ETC) Source Four® ellipsoidal’s lens tubes and shutter assembly. By merely swapping out the tungsten light source of the Source Four the ReNEW user immediately cuts their energy and HVAC costs yet increase their output. The ReNEW produces over 8,200 lumens of output, making it an LED option that truly exceeds the output of the 575W Source Four ellipsoidal with clean even field of light.

Taking under 60 seconds to change each unit out, it is also a time efficient solution to changing out whole rigs to efficient LED. The ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly is available in 3,000K tungsten and 5,700K daylight color temperatures. The ReNEW exemplifies smart innovation that acknowledges the need for effectively balancing time and money when upgrading technology.

In keeping with their ‘work smarter’ approach to innovation, PRG’s Bad Boy Followspot Controller is a clever accessory that turns the output and highly desired features of the PRG Bad Boy Spot luminaire into a manually controllable followspot. The operator has control over the pan and tilt of the luminaire as well as local control over intensity, iris, zoom, and edge control. Of particular note by designers is that the lighting console controls all other internal functions of the luminaire like color or gobo. The console operator can also take over several of the functions assigned to the local followspot operator like intensity or zoom.

A high visibility LCD screen gives the followspot operator precise feedback on the levels for Intensity, Iris, Zoom, and Edge. There’s also a dial that allows the operator a level control for the LCD screen to minimize light pollution in sensitive applications. The already in-demand Bad Boy Followspot Controller has been used for many applications where an automated followspot brings more responsive and artistic control including fashion shows, television programs, and concert tours.

Making its North American debut at LDI the PRG Best Boy Wash luminaire; a feature-rich wash light that sets the new standard for its class. Joining the award-winning Best Boy® Spot and the Bad Boy® Spot luminaires, PRG again redefines what an automated light should be, with the introduction of the Best Boy Wash luminaire. This dynamic new wash light features a 1,500-watt arc source that generates an unmatched 60,000+ lumens of light output, far brighter than any other available wash light in its class. With a beam size iris, that works hand-in-hand with the 6:1 zoom, the Best Boy Wash offers unrivaled beam versatility in a single automated fixture and unlike other wash lights, the Best Boy Wash includes a super fast and ultra rich CMY color system and a rotating, indexable gobo wheel with four wash gobos to add effects to your wash beam. Optimized for television and film applications, there is a dedicated minus green filter and a unique color temperature wheel that allows designers to vary color temperatures down to 3,200K and up to a very cool 8,000K. The color temperature wheel, paired with the minus green filter on the fixed color wheel, is ideal for on-camera lighting.

In addition to these products, we are introducing the new PRG Used Equipment web site – PRG ProShop. PRG ProShop enables users to more easily browse the available inventory of used equipment from PRG, to find what they are looking for, and make inquiries to the UES team. In addition, it is built on a robust ecommerce engine that will allow us to continue to enhance the user experience over time. PRG ProShop will be promoted to LDI attendees this weekend and launched wide next week.

PRG work smarter solutions to today’s complex practical production needs are truly uncompromising on innovation and performance.

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