Victorian State School Spectacular

Victorian State Schools Spectacular

The Victorian State Schools Spectacular, one of the largest performing arts events in Australia, is a showcase for students from across various state schools. Back for the fourth year, Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG) provided the Spectacular technical solutions, state-of-the-art equipment, and professional crew. PRG provided all of the lighting—including the PRG V676 and V476 lighting and media control consoles as well as complete control networking, 6 PRG Mbox media servers, LED video screens and projectors, flying automation, drapes, rigging and trussing, and all production logistics. The lighting package included 550 automated luminaires, 95 of which were the PRG Best Boy Spots and 14 PRG Bad Boy Spots, and nearly 150 LED luminaires. Of the 11 followspots used for this massive production, six of them were Bad Boys with the PRG followspot controls. The 2014 Spectacular was held at Hisense Arena, Melbourne Park on Saturday, 13th September and broadcast nationally on Sunday, 19th October.

The Spectacular is a professionally staged production with a creative and production team that includes Adam Lowe as Creative Producer; Neill Gladwin as Creative Director; LD Paul Jackson with Robert Cuddon as the Associate Lighting Designer / Lighting Programmer; Media Programmer Matthew Bush and TD Chris Newman.

Performed annually to an audience of over 10,000 people as well as a large broadcast audience, the Spectacular includes a cast of almost 3,000 Victorian government school students. In addition to the equipment, PRG provided a crew of 10 for the load-in and setup and an additional six crew for the running of the event. Some of the students worked behind the scenes with the PRG crew on the prep, planning, and operation of technical equipment. Students with the assistance of PRG technicians, operated cameras, followspots, and were introduced to the PRG consoles.

The goal of the production is to provide an opportunity to showcase the talent of Victoria’s government school students. It all culminates in a scripted show that celebrates a diversity of performance mediums, including choir, dance, vocal, drama, and orchestra. The students who worked alongside the PRG crews got the opportunity to work and learn from professionals as well as gaining knowledge of state-of-the-art equipment and how it’s used to support large productions.

Andrew Holmes, PRG’s Operations Manager oversaw the Victorian State Schools Spectacular production. He can be contacted for further information:

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