Wargaming.net Booth by the Numbers ...

PRG Gamescom 2014 League of Legends Panorama

Following their motto “Bigger, Brighter & Better,” the Wargaming.net booth was pretty hard to miss at this year’s Gamescon, considered the world’s largest exhibition of video games worldwide. PRG EML Productions was on task for video, lighting and sound, helping to create an immersive environment with 3 story high walls covered in giant digital screens projecting videos. Playing off of the theme, 3 lit up continuous tread tank tracks were used to create an impressive sculptural pathway that guided visitors to the center of the stage or one of the five spacious gaming lounges. 

gamescom wargaming messestand mit gamern

Technical Stats

PRG installed 304M2 of PRG 30 in special building simulation crawler tracks, 650 Tiles of Barco C5 for three video walls (7m x 3,5m each), another C5 led screen of 6,8m x 3,6m on the stage and 4 control cameras. 

Our lighting set included 72 moving light Impression, 12 Robin 800, 45 motors, 260m of trusses and the whole electrical distribution.

gamescom 2014 wargaming messestand mit led bogen

To ensure a good sound coverage, we’ve provided 2 Adamson Subs, 12 JF, 12 Melodie Line array and 10 Microphones.

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