PRG LED AIRWALL, a new video solution by PRG

24/09/2016 LED Airwall

Production Resource Group, L.L.C., (PRG) is the world’s leading supplier of entertainment and event technology to a wide range of markets, including corporate and automotive events, concerts, sports, and special events.

The sports events market has experienced significant growth in the past years. Running, swimming, racing, cycling and golf events increasingly attract more participants and spectators. Therefore it is only natural that the customer’s demands grow in terms of prominent screens, able to display dynamic content, and strengthen the ties to the public.

PRG was asked to provide video screens for the KLM Open, a prestigious golf tournament, held in the Dutch Spijk. For the first time PRG used a new product, the PRG LED AIRWALL. This LED display 26m2 (640x352 pixels) is built on an inflatable platform of about 100m2 floating on a water surface. A 9mm pixel pitch provides the necessary quality to display live images of the event and to be seen from a considerable distance. Furthermore, this prominent display can also broadcast logos, scores, images, and team and player statistics.

Thanks to the PRG LED AIRWALL, PRG can now display video content in places which were impossible previously. The unique image of a floating screen on a lake, pool or other water surface gives a stunning impression to the public.

For more information on the PRG LED AIRWALL, please contact us.

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